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Unknowable. Unstoppable.
— In-Game Description

Cube Assassin is an upcoming Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is part of the Glyph Aura Set.

As A Character

This Cube-allied assassin is a ruthless marksman. Imbued with the power of the Cubes, she'll stop at nothing to defend them.
Character Collection Book

Cube Assassin can be found as a Boss in The Sideways Anomaly.

She’s also present as the Boss in the Horde Rush (LTM), where she spawns during the second round. Her special ability and inventory remain the same as in core modes, however, she only has 1000 Health in total.

Boss Inventory

Name Image Type Rarity
Boss Minigun
Sideways Minigun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
Assault Weapon Mythic

She drops an Epic, Legendary or Mythic Sideways Minigun and/or Sideways Rifle when eliminated.


When Cube Assassin is alerted, she summons a big polygon shield which has 500 HP. She can dash short distances. Unlike Sideways Monsters, she can leave the Sideways bubble. She will only disappear when the Anomaly closes and she will respawn as a ghost for a short time when eliminated by the player.

Likely due to a glitch, Cube Assassin will occasionally spawn with very little health and will get knocked once her health bar is depleted.

Weak Points

  • Her backbling is a weak point, hitting the backbling will count as a headshot.


Cube Assassin interactions after eliminated:

Cube Assassin
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png

Stand square and be rooted, champion.

Buy Cube Monster Parts
Cube Monster Parts - Crafting Resource - Fortnite.png

Bars (Small) - Currency - Fortnite.png

No refunds.

First Encounter
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png

You're formidable. The Cubes would reward you for your loyalty.

2000+ Bars
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png

Those Bars will be destroyed, and this reality with them.

A Week since last played match
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png

So you've come to witness the end.

Visited The Convergence
Cube Assassin - NPC - Fortnite.png

So you've seen them. You understand their power.


Combat Music

Description Audio
Stage 1
Stage 2