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The Cubes are a species of sentient cubes in Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Save the World. They were originated from The Last Reality and introduced in Season 5.

Description and Lore

Six-Sided Mystery (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Cubes is a sentient entity that appeared first on August 24, 2018, during Season 5. It appeared near Paradise Palms, being created from several lightning strikes from the Sideways Rift, closing it in the process. The Cube is an object of immense power, as it was capable of destroying objects in its path as it rolled towards Loot Lake, printing powerful runes which reduced gravity, and generated Cube Monsters from its fragments.

The Cubes are the power sources of The Last Reality, an evil and malicious faction affiliated with the The Sideways with an intention to corrupt and destroy realities. The Cubes are all controlled by The Cube Queen with the exception of the Rebooted Cube. Thousands of dormant cubes are stored in a dedicated room in the Motherships, used to power the gigantic alien ships.

The Cube's origin and birth place seems to be The Cube's Cradle, a massive planet like structure that appeared in Chapter 2 The End event.

It has taken several forms, but has spent most time as a large Purple Cube, which deflects bullets, and hurts players who attempt to go near it, or heals them in the vicinity. During Operation: Sky Fire, The Golden Cube and The Rebooted Cube are introduced for the first time. After killing the Storm King, a cube emerges in a lake and it begins to dissolve similar to how it did during Season 5, indicating the Cube was the Storm King.

Basic Powers and Abilities

Image Description
Six-Sided Mystery (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Lightning Attack
A self-defense mechanism that any cube can use.
Cube Baby - Event - Fortnite.gif
When charged up by the Golden Cube, They can use their lightning to print baby version of it.
Cube Propagation - Event - Fortnite.gif
Turn Solid or Liquid
Cubes can melt in water and turn into liquid. It can also return back to full solid cube at will.
Rebooting Cube - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.gif
Power Vessel
Cubes naturally born with dark corruption power but it can be replaced with other type of powers.
Cube Queen Full Power - The End - Fortnite.jpg
Cube's energy can be harness for many uses. The Ice King and Raz uses it to make them stronger and more powerful. The Cube Queen uses it to power her Golden Cube and create portal to The Last Reality.


Season 5

Birth of the Cube

As the Sideways Rift continued to rapidly close up, it suddenly turned purple. Within the next few days, purple storm lightning bolts began shooting out of the crack, all targeting a hill near Paradise Palms, containing a large stone rock surrounded by a ring of cacti. Each lightning strike picked off one cacti one-by-one, until a larger lightning bolt destroyed the large rock. The Crack Closure event occurred on 24th August 2018, with a gigantic storm lightning bolt striking out of the rift, lasting for around 10 seconds. When it was over, the Crack in the Sky closed. then The Cube was formed. Though it first appeared to be a stationary object, it began to move at a rate of one revolution every 1 hour and 43 minutes. It was unclear where it would end up. During its journey around the map, The Cube printed seven runes with anti-gravity domes surrounding. Throughout the final three weeks of Season 5, the cube continued to print these runes.

Cube Dissolving - Event - Fortnite.png

After finishing this process, The Cube destroyed one of the buildings in Tilted Towers. The sporting goods store was hit by a meteorite and was just in the final stages of reopening. The Cube then proceeded to the edge of Loot Lake on September 19, 2018. The Cube appeared to dissolve, turning Loot Lake in a purple-pink gelatinous state with properties akin to The Cube itself, such as becoming bouncy.

Season 6

The Floating Island

With the beginning of Season 6, it was revealed that The Cube was still intact, as it rose from the waters, taking the cabin and island in the center of the lake with it, forming the Floating Island. This created a large hole in the lake exposing the bridge to The Zero Point, a vortex in the middle. After just two days of the island rising, The Cube began to move the island to each of the runes it had printed in Season 5. After getting energy from all runes, they dropped to the ground and the island returned to Loot Lake. A portal to The Last Reality was formed above, which began to expand until it covered the entire island. On October 24, 2018, the first day of Fortnitemares 2018, The Cube exploded the floating island into multiple pieces, the Cube still intact. Following the explosion, The Cube fragments that had been growing on the island had been sent all over the map, which released The Cube monsters.

Cube Cracking - Event - Fortnite.gif

From this day until November 4. The Cube began to crack. On November 3, it began to drip its nectar into The Zero Point, until the final drip. On November 4, 2018, The Cube started to spin rapidly, which led to a white flash, and The Cube splitting apart. After the flash, players were teleported to The In-Between. Shortly after, a rift formed, and took shape of a butterfly, which then multiplied, and came to every player still alive. A cut-scene showed up, where the player put out their finger, and the butterfly would land on the finger, and it got teleported back to the map through a rift. Leaky Lake appears to be completely new, and the Cube Monsters were gone.

Season 7

During Ice Storm event, The Ice King uses a small shard of the Cube to summon Ice Legion and freeze the island in order to stop Polar Peak from melting.

Season X

Season X Floating Island

The Floating Island from an alternate reality came through a Rift Beacon. it didn't do anything after that except circle the island aimlessly. Later in the season, Cube memorials appeared at Loot Lake and on the mountain Kevin was created.

Chapter 2: Season 1

Steamy Stacks (v18.10) - Location - Fortnite.png

Following The End of Athena and the creation of Apollo, The Floating Island was destroyed, but The Cube was conserved. Following the reconstruction of the island by The Zero Point, it was placed into a dormant state and underneath Building 2 of Steamy Stacks, a power station which uses The Cube to generate electricity. The facility is run by Kevolution Energy.

Chapter 2: Season 6

The Spire Artifact

The Spire Artifact is a small piece of the Spire's core, it emits Cube's runes. The Spire's core was originally made of chromium, how it got corrupted is unknown. Seeing visions of the future in his dreams, Raz ended up on the island after years and years of research, and got too close to The Spire Artifact only to make him corrupted with new powers. The Last Reality notice his power and arrives at the island.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Cube Chamber

The Mothership used the Cubes' power to destroy The Spire. The Last Reality host the Rift Tours so they could scan the memories of the loopers, to learn about The Zero Point while taking them through multiple realities around The Omniverse. the Floating Island and the Cube and be seen in the tunnel. During the Operation: Sky Fire live event, The Last Reality was revealed to have possessed a corruption cube in one of its rooms.

Rebooting the Cube

After Doctor Slone deactivates it using Alien Backpack and arms the bombs, she betrays the loopers by sealing them in with the cube. The Loopers reboot it, turning it blue, which causes the room to rise up into a chamber containing thousands of dormant corruption cubes stored inside with a golden cube at the center. After the bombs detonate, the mothership is destroyed, and debris and cubes rain down onto the map, causing devastation.

A mini version of the Cube can be found in The Bridge's Science Lab, moving in a random route. IO Agents can feed it and play with it like a pet.

Chapter 2: Season 8

Families of Cubes

Following the Mothership's destruction, five purple cubes, one golden cube, and a blue cube land around the island. All of the purple cubes are located at the Abductor Crash sites, and the surrounding areas have been corrupted by their presence. The Golden Cube is found near Holly Hedges, while The Blue Cube lands near Camp Cod, creating Friendly Forest around itself. The rest of the cubes seen during Operation: Sky Fire are likely still inside the main Mothership wreckage located beyond the border of the island. Less than a week after the launch of Season 8, The Golden Cube begins moving. By the time of Week 2, each of the Purple Cubes have moved at least once, The Golden Cube has moved over 50 times, while the Blue Cube has not moved at all.

Cube Reproduction

The Golden Cube visits the Believer Beach cube and commences the first Awakening event, levitating into the air and charging the cube with an energy beam. This forces the Purple Cube to create six smaller purple cubes around itself. The process also seems to have stimulated the Cube to roll much more frequently, and towards The Aftermath. The smaller cubes also line up behind the main cube and follow it. All of the purple cubes also spread corruption as they roll. At Steamy Stacks, the original Kevin from the Chapter 1 island awoke, breaking out of containment upon sensing the presence of the gold cube. The Golden Cube charges it, but unlike the others, that particular cube does not produce any smaller cubes. The Golden Cube rolls around the entire island, charging up all the six purple cubes (including the Steamy Stacks Cube). As they roll, the purple cubes leave a large trail of corruption stretching to their original starting points.At this stage, all of them (excluding The Blue Cube) are now active and heading towards The Aftermath. On October 12-13,

Cube Queen preparing her army

The Golden Cube arrives at The Aftermath, and levitates directly above the area in a similar fashion to The Awakening events. On October 19, all six purple cubes simultaneously reach The Aftermath, and break apart into smaller pieces to form The Convergence, a mysterious purple structure surrounding The Golden Cube, with an unknown purpose. The baby cubes created by each purple cube was likely a method of adding extra cube material to The Convergence structure when it was created, as the purple cubes did not lose their mass during their creation. Following the convergence, Cube Queen, the mysterious leader of The Last Reality, was brought to the island, and is floating above The Golden Cube in a bubble.

The End (Chapter 2)

Fleet of the Cubes

Sideways Spread - The End - Fortnite.png

The Rebooted Cube teleported to Guava Fort and produced a shield around it to protect the Loopers. The Cube Queen used The Pyramid to shot a beam of corrupted energy into the sky, opening a massive rift to The Last Reality, revealing hundreds of Motherships powered by Golden Cubes, along with the Cube's Cradle. They quickly overrun the entire island. a golden colored Abductor flew over the Rebooted Cube and fired a beam that destroyed the Rebooted Cube while the Loopers, who had their weapons taken away prior, were forced to watch its destruction. meanwhile in The Bridge. The Foundation reverses the gyroscopic orientation of the Island causing it to rotate. The Cube Queen goes underwater (possibly teleporting) and The Pyramid is completely submerged once the Island reaches a 90-degree tilt, closing the rift to the Last Reality.

Universal Monsters - We Will Be Monsters

Color Restoration

The reality of universal monsters is being consumed by the colorless void, Frankenstein's Bride and the other monsters teamed up and use the cube's power to restore the colors.


  • The original Purple Cube is also known as "Kevin" by fans.
    • This was due to the name "Cube" being banned on a megathread on the Fortnite Subreddit.
    • The nickname "Kevin" originated from the title of a post by Reddit user u/6acee.
    • The first time "Kevin" was officially used in the game was in the final Fortnitemares 2018 reward, the Lil' Kev back bling.
  • The other major cubes have adopted some of their own that are similar to "Kevin"
    • The Rebooted Cube has been nicknamed by Epic Games as "Bluevin".
    • The Golden "Queen" Cube has been nicknamed by the community as "Glevin"
  • Visualize Audio setting can detect the Cube movement sound.
  • The Cube runes are the same runes found in the mobile game series Infinity Blade, also developed by Epic Games.
  • If a Llama spawns on a cube, it won't be bounced off.


Types of Cubes

Image and Type Description
The Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
Corruption Cube The Purple Cube was introduced in Season 5. It can corrupt locations, summon Cube Monsters and clones itself.
Golden Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
Golden Cube The most powerful Cube. It doesn't create lightning bolts but can charge up and awakes the Corruption Cubes.
Blue Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
Rebooted Cube The "Good" Cube that is friendly towards the Loopers.
The Cube Queen - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Cube Queen The Queen and the Mother of all Cubes.
The Origin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Cube King The Former King of all Cubes.

List of Corruption Cube

Name and Image Status Description
Kevin the Cube
Kevin the Cube - Entity - Fortnite.png
Destroyed The first and the most powerful corruption cube arrived through Sideways Rift in Season 5. It can summon Cube Monsters and print Runes to corrupt different places. It was destroyed in The Butterfly Event.
Storm King
The Cube - Storm King - Fortnite.jpg
Active The King of The Storm in Fortnite: Save the World. It has the ability to mind control human and robots.
Kevin the Cube
(Season X)
Cube (Steamy Stacks) - Cube - Fortnite.png
Merged with The Convergence Corruption Cube created from a Rift Beacon in Season X and the power source of Steamy Stacks. During Chapter 2: Season 8, it broke out and got charged by Golden Cube but didn't create any baby cubes like the others.
The Mothership's Cubes
The Pyramid - Location - Fortnite.png
Unactive Corruption Cubes from The Mothership that summon 6 smaller baby Cubes when charged up by the Golden Cube. They were used by the Cube Queen to open a massive rift to the Last Reality.
The Pyramid's Veins
Caretakers Summon - The End - Fortnite.png
Melted Veins from The Pyramid that creates Caretakers
The Mothership's Veins
Inside of the Mothership with Kevins - Operation Sky Fire - Fortnite.png
Destroyed Veins of the Corruption Cubes powering The Mothership.
The Joneses (Mini Cube) - Location - Fortnite.png
Dormant A currently dormant mini Corruption Cube that was experimented in The Bridge then taken to The Joneses after The Bridge's Destruction.
Universal Monsters
The Cube - Universal Monsters.jpg
Active A cube in Universal Monsters Reality that powers their monsters.


List of Golden Cube

Name and Image Status Description
The Cube Queen's Cube
Golden Cube (Octahedron) - Entity - Fortnite.png
Unactive The Cube Queen's personal cube. It doesn't create lightning bolts but can charge up Corruption Cubes. It became the prism of The Pyramid.
The Cube's Cradle
Cube's Cradle (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
Active Countless golden cubes that powers Motherships on The Last Reality's main base.

List of Rebooted Cube

Name and Image Status Description
Blevin the Cube
Rebooted Cube's Death - The End - Fortnite.png
Destroyed A formerly corrupted cube rebooted by the Loopers in Chapter 2: Season 7. In The End event, it helped the Loopers but was overwhelmed by The Last Reality and the Rebooted Cube itself was destroyed by a golden Abductor.

Cube Fragments

Image Description
Loot Lake (Cube Fragment) - Location - Fortnite.jpg
Remains of Kevin the Cube after The Butterfly Event.
Cube Shard - Ice Storm - Fortnite.jpg
A fragment of Kevin the Cube used by The Ice King.
Spire Artifact - Screenshot - Fortnite.png
The core of The Spire used by Glyph Master Raz.
Cube Chunk - Float to Artemis - Fortnite.jpg
A chunk of Blevin the Cube.


In Chapter 2

In Chapter 1