The merc with a mouth.
— In-game Description

Deadpool is a Marvel Series Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could be unlocked through Deadpool's Weekly Challenges which slowly released over the course of Chapter 2: Season 2.

On Week 7, he was called in by E.G.O. to take control of The Yacht as a Boss - this is when he became available.

Also on Week 7, when Deadpool came to The Yacht, Meowscles, who was the original owner of The Yacht, was kicked out from there and was transferred to the Box Factory, which would later in Chapter 2: Season 3 be called Catty Corner.

Cosmetic Review

This "secret" Battle Pass outfit is influenced by the character created by Marvel Comics Deadpool, or Wade Wilson.

  • Deadpool has a unmasked edit style which showcases his scars and similar to the movies is obtainable during Week 8 of Deadpool's Weekly Challenges.
  • He also has a X-Force variant which showcases the red replaced with white for his color scheme and white eyes replaced with red eyes. It is obtainable during Week 9 of Deadpool's Weekly Challenges.
    • Both are combinable, which means you can have an unmasked X-Force Deadpool.


Style Color
Mask Off Default X-Force
Deadpool (Unmasked).png
Deadpool - Outfit - Fortnite.png

Boss Items

Deadpool dropped the following items when eliminated at Deadpool's Yacht:

Name Icon Type
Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons
Deadpool Keycard
Deadpool Keycard - Keycards - Fortnite.png


  • Deadpool and his cosmetics replaced what would usually be the Mystery Rewards for the Battle Pass.
    • However, in the Purchase Menu, he has dialogue saying "Shhh. I'm the secret Battle Pass Outfit" despite being revealed already.
  • He is the first Secret Battle Pass outfit to be part of a collaboration.
  • Deadpool is likely part of E.G.O., since he is seen in the basement of their secret HQ and is an E.G.O Boss.
  • His username on his computer is "wade". His password on his computer is "password" (Mind it, not PASSWORD!).
  • He is a bit messy, as his room has toilet paper all over the place, a game controller in a urinal, and his belongings could be found all over HQ, with his pants going all the way to Sweaty Sands. His room is also flooded due to his lack of plumbing knowledge.
  • For his release, a cinematic showed him on the toilet reading a Fortnite magazine as an announcement called him for action, and upon finding out he had run out of toilet paper, proceeded to rip out a page from the magazine.
  • He was last seen in the Fortnite Wolverine Introduction trailer (the in-game version of the trailer), where he was holding a heart shape in his hand with Wolverine in the background.
  • His pants are still up in Chapter 2: Season 5 at Sweaty Sands and Pleasant Park.


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