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This Page/Section is about an item that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons are a Pistols in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were added in Chapter 2: Season 2. They are a Mythic version of the Dual Pistols.


Although based on the Hand Cannon, Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons function closer to the Dual Pistols, in that firing them functions like a 2 round burst. The guns are actually fully automatic and the single press of the fire button will fire both weapons together. When the Player hits a shot with a bullet from this weapon, it will heal the player 3 effective health (HP and/or Shield).


Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons deal 21 Damage per shot (111 damage per second). Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons uses Medium Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Medium Ammo. Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons have a headshot multiplier of 1.62x.

Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons
DPS: 111.09
Damage: 21
Fire Rate: 5.29
Magazine Size: 18
Reload Time: 2.2s
Healing: 3 Effective Health per hit

Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons are hitscan weapons. They do not have First Shot Accuracy enabled, and will always fire a random spread of bullets, which reset after each burst. This spread is decreased whilst crouching.


Sound Type Rarity Sound
Pullout Mythic File:Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons - Pullout - FX - Fortnite.ogg
Shooting File:Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons - Shooting - FX - Fortnite.ogg
Reload File:Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons - Reload - FX - Fortnite.ogg
Pickup File:Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons - Pickup - FX - Fortnite.ogg
Drop File:Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons - Drop - FX - Fortnite.ogg


From when the weapon was last available in Chapter 2: Season 2

The Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons can only be obtained by eliminating Deadpool at the The Yacht.

Strategy Guide

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  • Be weary of Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons magazine size, at it fires both guns at once, meaning half the number of shots per magazine.
  • This weapon can be used to siphon health back during a fight, and useful when stuck in the storm to survive longer inside of it.


Chapter 2: Season 2

Chapter 2: Season 3


  • Although Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons have Hand Cannon in their name, they are closer in function to the Dual Pistols.
    • Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons are Dual Wield.
    • Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons use Medium Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Medium Ammo instead of Heavy Ammo - Icon - Fortnite.png Heavy Ammo.
  • Like the original Hand Cannon, Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons are based on the American / Israeli MRI Desert Eagle, a weapon colloquially known as 'The Hand Cannon'. This version however has a Deadpool inspired finish with the word "Bang!" on the side.
  • The healing factor of this weapon is likely in reference to Deadpool's self healing factor in his canon.
  • Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons are inspired by his weapons in Deadpool 2.
  • Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons used the new updated Hand Cannon model before the actual Hand Cannon did, as Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons came a season before the Hand Cannon's icon and model update.