Dire is a legendary-rarity season 6 skin that was only available from reaching tier 100 in the Battle Pass.


Dire has 6 forms. His first form is his human self. His second form is a mix between his first and third form. His third form is a full brown werewolf. His fourth form is his third form, but the color of his fur changed to grey. His fifth form is his third form but this time his fur is white. His final and sixth form is his third form but his fur is black. You can also change the color of his undershirt to either blue, yellow, and brown.



  • Dire is an original skin.
  • According to some theories, Dire is supposed to be related to the wooden house, the brick house, and the metal house that are located on the edges of the map.
  • There is a spray of Dire's full form howling.
  • There is a loading screen of Dire. It has some photos of Dire, a sketch of him, his bandana, and his Back Bling, Wolfpack.
  • Released with the Fable skin, some think that Dire is supposed to be the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.
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