Dirty Docks is a location found in the east of the map. It is a seaside dump similar to Junk Junction from the old map.


Dirty Docks is on the east side of the Fortnite map. It is close to Lake Canoe and Retail Row. The river links you to Lazy Lake.


  • This location is a seaside dump just like Junk Junction from Chapter 1.
  • The factories in Dirty Docks resemble that of Dusty Depot's.
  • Around Week 7 of Chapter 2, Season 1, Christmas lawn decorations got shipped in a shipping container, hinting towards the return of 14 Days Of Fortnite.
  • The location gives many references to locations in Chapter 1. The blue Dusty Depot building is located to the east, a building that resembles the night club south of Tilted Towers, and a bunch of crates that also resemble a storage area for crates north of Retail Row.
  • Dirty Docks is located at H4.
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