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Dirty Docks was a Named Location on the Apollo island of Fortnite: Battle Royale, added in Chapter 2: Season 1. It was located North-East of Retail Row and Brutus' Basin, and South of Steamy Stacks. It consisted of a dock with multiple cranes and warehouses.

Dirty Docks was removed at the end of Chapter 2: Season 8 during The End event, when the Apollo island was flipped by The Foundation, revealing the new Artemis map underneath.


  • The factories in Dirty Docks resembled that of Dusty Depot's.
  • Around Week 7 of Chapter 2, Season 1, Christmas lawn decorations got shipped in a shipping container, hinting towards the return of 14 Days Of Fortnite.
  • The location gave many references to locations in Chapter 1. The blue Dusty Depot building was ocated to the east, a building that resembled the night club south of Tilted Towers, and a pile of crates that also resembled a storage area for crates north of Retail Row.
  • It was not the ideal place to drop for kills, since very few players dropped there.
  • Over the course of Chapter 2: Season 5 and Chapter 2: Season 6, three NPCs spawned there: Brutus, Reese, and Tess.


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