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This Page/Section is about an item that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets is a Superpower in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 4. It is dropped by Doctor Doom at Doom's Domain.


The Gauntlets allows the player to shoot small blasts of explosive green energy, which are affected by gravity and explode on impact. Hitting multiple opponents in close range will chain the damage to them, dealing equal damage to both of them.

It also has another ability which allows the player to jump roughly two walls high into the air.

Equipping the Gauntlets gives the player increased movement speed.


Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets are dropped after eliminating Doctor Doom at Doom's Domain.


Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets deals 35 damage to anyone inside the blast radius (33.75 Damage per Second).

Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets Attack Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets


Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets - Superpower - Fortnite.png
Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets - Superpower - Fortnite.png
Mythic Mythic
DPS: 33.75 2 Tile Jump Boost
Damage: 35
Fire Rate: 0.75
Magazine Size:∞
Cooldown Time: 0s Cooldown Time: 5s

Strategy Guide

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  • The Gauntlets can be used to deal high damage to groups of enemies, as the attacks chain between them.
  • The Gauntlets can be used to attack players behind cover, as they deal splash explosive damage.
  • The Gauntlets are very weak against targets at longer ranges or on high ground, due to the arc and speed of the projectiles.


  • Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets appear to use the same green energy as his Mystical Bomb.
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