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Disambig-icon.pngFor other uses of "the superweapon", please see The Device (event).

One was a Device clearly made by intelligent beings. Intelligent, and with vast resources.
Renegade Raider

The Device was a super-weapon being built underneath The Agency and hidden in The Hideout next to Midas's secret office. It was possibly powered by The Zero Point, which was directly underneath The Agency. It was designed by Jules and Midas. When fully constructed it was activated during The Device event, where it fought against the storm.

The Device was built and intended to break The Storm and destroy The Loop. It was connected to five antennas inside hatches near The Agency, which were powered by The Device to push the storm. Using possible GHOST funding and supplies, Midas was able to construct The Device, however it was privately created without GHOST or SHADOW knowing. The Device itself was built during the events of the GHOST vs. SHADOW war, which Midas used to distract the Imagined Order from his actual plan. The Device destroyed The Agency in the process of activating. The Device struggled to battle against The Storm, however successfully destroyed it. It then retreated back into The Hideout. Midas' plan was near success, however IO counteracted against Midas' efforts and sent a thunder directly on top of The Device, which broke it. Midas' attempt to defy The Storm caused a giant Tsunami held by The Storm barrier to form, it is called The Wall of Water.

After The Device retreated back into The Hideout, it was never seen again. Recently in Chapter 3: Season 1, the plans for The Device appeared at Cuddle Cruisers. It was then taken from sight.


Audio Description
1 Powering Up
1 Orb Expanding
Full Power



  • It was built for the The Device event.
  • Cables appeared in The Hideout and the Lobby that was linked to it.
  • It was found in Midas’ room in The Hideout, which is also secretly located underneath The Agency.
  • It exhausted power on June 15th, 2020.
  • It could be an artificial Zero Point.
  • It exposed the Imagined Order.
  • GHOST logo was based on the Device.