Journey into the unknown, and find your way to victory.
— In-game description

Drift is a Season 5 exclusive Legendary skin. It could be unlocked by Fortnite's Season 5 Battle Pass at Tier 1 along with the Huntress skin.

  • Drift comes with six styles, all of which must be unlocked by gaining EXP by grinding in the Season 5 weekly challenges. The weekly challenges posters also show Drift upgrading his armor in the first 6 posters.

Unlockable Styles


Drift was an ordinary human from California in the "real" world. In Season 4, when the metal Durrr Burger teleported to California, he visited the burger to spray graffiti art of a Kitsune mask in a red hood. 

It so happens that at that moment, another Rift brought both the burger and Drift back to the Battle Royale universe. Drift was greeted by Brite BomberRex, and a few other people who were on a road trip.

Drift seemed to gain paranormal powers related to the Rifts, visible in his cloak and pickaxe.

He followed the others along on their road trip, and apparently grew a relationship with Brite Bomber (whether it was romantic or not though is up for debate). They visited several locations across the island. 

In Season X, Drift gained a female counterpart from an alternate timeline, called Catalyst. They do not seem to have any relationship at this timeline

Years after Season 5, either before or after The End event in Season X, he was seen with Brite Bomber and a pet Kitsune, watching the sun set on a now lost universe.

When, a new world was introduced, no given info on his relationship was found until Chapter 2: Season 2 when carvings on a tree by Bushranger depict the end of their long-term relationship with Brite Bomber suggesting the fact he has started relationships with someone else, mostly probably Catalyst.

Drift Challenges

Challenges Reward
Gain 10,000 XP Drift Stage 2 style
Gain 25,000 XP Drift Stage 3 style
Gain 50,000 XP Drift Stage 4 style
Gain 100,000 XP Drift Stage 5 style
Gain 200,000 XP Drift Stage 6 style

Note: When you complete four challenges listed above you will receive the Epic Rift Edge harvesting tool.


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