Pair up with a buddy and take everyone else down.
— In-Game Description

Duos is a gamemode in Battle Royale in which two players pair up together on the same team. The duo must outlast all remaining players and compete for the Victory Royale.

What to look for in a duo partner

Finding a duo partner that you can synergize with can make all the difference in your playstyle and outcome. Here are some tips that you should look out for when queuing with another player.

Who do I play with?

There are many factors that come into play that will affect the outcome in a game. Here are just a few: communication and skill.

  • Queuing up with random players can be a difficult route to earn a Victory Royale based on these assumptions.
  • Queuing up with friends or players you know is a recommended route to earning a Victory Royale. Playing with friends or players you know can still have its drawbacks.


When playing with a partner, communicating is a crucial way to alert your surroundings. Communication can be both verbal and non verbal. Here are some examples:

  • Verbal communication: The use of using your voice.
  • Non-verbal communication: "Marking" players and locations, using emotes, emoticons etc.

Being able to communicate is also valuable so that your team can encourage one another to become better players. It is important that the player you choose to play with has a positive attitude and isn't someone who will be flaming you.


Earning a Victory Royale can be a difficult goal to achieve. Many players have different playstyles. Some want to get "the most kills", some like to "camp" others might not care if they win or lose. Finding and choosing the right players to play with will have different scenarios.

Stay Together

One of the best ways to get a Victory Royale, whether you know your Duo partner player or not, is to always stick together. One of the most commonly made mistakes while playing Duos is that one player or the other gets seperated from another. If you want to deal the most effective damage while fighting, or do the best evasive tactics, they are best done together.


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