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Pair up with a buddy and take everyone else down.
— In-Game Description

Duos is a game mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in the Pre-Season.


Duos uses the standard set of rules, meaning there are 100 players who all compete to obtain a a Victory Royale. What sets duos apart from other modes is that the player has only one other squad member to fight alongside.


Duos follows the basic rule-set of Battle Royale:

  • 100 Players, all of which drop from the Battle Bus.
  • Squads enabled, up to a maximum of 2 players in each.
  • Standard Loot Pool.
  • Standard Gravity.
  • Standard HP rules.
  • Respawns are disabled.
  • Glider Redeploy is disabled.
  • Reboot Vans are enabled.
  • Skill Based Matchmaking is enabled.
  • Characters and Bars are enabled.
  • Regular Storm Circle intervals.
  • Players go into a downed-but-not-out state when they lose all their HP.