Durrr Burger is a Fast-food franchise in Fortnite that sells burgers as their main food. Their rival is Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit.

Save the World

Dennis, a Durr Burger Employee comes take shelter of Homebase when The Storm ravages the population. After completing a quest in Stonewood, he has been making burgers for the survivors.

In the 2017 E3 Cinematic Trailer for Save the World and in the Build Off! Mission, the setting takes place in an abandoned Durr Burger Resturant that is fortified by lots of traps and structures by Ramirez, Penny, Ken and A.C.

Durrr Burger restaurants can also be found in City or Suburb Zones.

Battle Royale

Many Durrr Burger Cosmetics are released into Battle Royale, and with that, many Durrr Burger Restaurants appear in The Loop, with Greasy Grove being the main one.


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