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Dusty Depot was a Named Location in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Located in the center of Athena. Neighboring locations included Salty Springs, Gotham City, Pressure Plant, Loot Lake, and Retail Row. The Depot was dangerous partially due to the number of players in the surrounding areas.


It features 3 warehouses, each warehouse with a different color. It feature too 2 trucks and surrounding walls. In the Season X version of Dusty Depot, the order of the color of the warehouses are different, and the grey warehouse was taken by The Scientist.



  • Dusty Depot was added to the island.

Season 4

  • Dusty Depot was partially destroyed by The Meteor, turning the area in Dusty Divot.
    • The blue warehouse was completely destroyed and vaporized, the gray warehouse was partially destroyed and the red warehouse had some damage.

Season 5

  • The remains of Dusty Depot become Dusty Diner.
    • The red warehouse turned into a diner and the grey warehouse turned into a museum.

Season X

  • Dusty Depot, along with the Factorys were added to the island again, replacing Dusty Divot and Dusty Diner.
  • During Season X, The Scientist turns the White Warehouse into a base and is now building a Rocket.
  • On October 13th, 2019 the Rocket The Scientist built was launched from the White Warehouse causing the map to be destroyed, having Dusty Depot to be wiped from the map again.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • The red warehouse and blue warehouse along with the rest of Apollo was been flipped during The End.

Chapter 3: Season 3


  • Dirty Docks has some buildings that resemble Dusty Depot’s buildings.
  • The Season X's Dusty Depot is a alternative version of the original Dusty Depot, because warehouses coloration is not the same as the original.
  • Before the Update v1.7.1 (October 12th, 2017), Dusty Depot was a unnamed location.
  • Dusty Depot was the first removed location that came back.




Red Warehouse

Blue Warehouse

White Warehouse