Dusty depot
For the current version of this location, see Dusty Divot.

Dusty Depot was located around the center of the Battle Royale Map. Neighboring locations included Salty Springs, Tilted Towers, Tomato Town, Loot Lake, and Retail Row. The Depot was dangerous partially due to the number of players in the surrounding areas.

Dusty Depot was made up of three large, parallel warehouses, which held weapons, crates, and healing items. Players tended to stick around this area nearing the end of the game, due to its great cover.

Dusty Depot's Disappearance

A Reddit user going by the name "internetadam" posted leaks that season 4 of Fornite: Battle Royale would be based around Superheroes. The person also revealed that the blue meteor in the sky was not going to wipe Tilted Towers from the map as theorized, but would actually impact small Dusty Depot because Epic Games believed that this area of the map needed an update for a long time. This proved to be correct and Dusty Depot is now a massive crater that is now called Dusty Divot. This turned Dusty Depot into a hot spot like Tilted Towers. Possibly to turn some attention from Tilted Towers due to the fact that one-third of players go there at the beginning which results in a massive drop of players in the opening stages of the game. However, this is not proven as Epic has shown no concerns about Tilted Towers.