Dusty Divot was a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was located directly where Dusty Depot is. It was added in the v4.0 update. it got replaced with Dusty Depot in Season 10.


When it was first introduced, the most notable thing about Dusty Divot was the huge crater made by the meteor. It takes up most of the location, with two of the warehouses from Dusty Depot standing ruined nearby. In the center of the crater, there is what looks to be a research center that housed the huge meteor. Around the research center, there were floating blue rocks dubbed "Hop Rocks". When interacted with, they gave the player a low gravity sensation, allowing them to jump around at a quicker and higher pace. They were removed in the v5.0 update.

In season five, the Divot was abandoned and overgrown, and the meteor disappeared, replaced by a tree. The new forest consists of trees and a few ponds, and the loot spawn rate has dropped considerably.

In Season 7, the new Ziplines allow you to go in and out of the crater. There is a Christmas tree on the outside dining area of the Dusty Diner, and some snowflakes can be found on the windows of the main entrance.

In Season 8, a hole was digged in the middle of the crater, and it got filled with lava afterwards.

In Season 10, it got replaced with Dusty Depot.


Dusty Divot meteor mystery - Fortnite

The government was drilling into the meteorite. What they uncovered remained a mystery, until near the end of Season 4, the meteor revealed a big pod, later revealing the Season 4 blockbuster skin: ‘The Visitor’. The Visitor was the real bad guy as all of the Season 4 battle pass skins were just actors. In Season 4 the mountain where currently stands a haunted castle use to be The Villain base. He planned a rocket launch that had warnings on all of Fortnite’s TVs which showed a countdown on when the rocket launched. When the rocket launched it first got rid of it's extra fuel, which landed in Anarchy Acres. The rocket was about to hit Tilted Towers when the rocket stopped and phased through a rift, which launched it through another rift halfway across the map. The rocket zoomed around until finally being launched out of the final rift into the sky, creating an EVEN BIGGER RIFT! The rocket launched at 30th of June, 2018, Saturday at 1:30 eastern time.


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