Eagle Eye is a character in Fortnite: Save the World that represents the Outlander class. Her model is used in the following subclasses:


Eagle eye is a slim girl with short brown hair, which are white on the edges. She seems to have amber eyes. In all her sub-classes she is seen wearing a short jacket and a shirt beneath it. In the legendary version of the Recon scout sub-class her inner shirt is ripped and this reveals her belly. She also wears skin tight pants and long boots. Being an outlander she also has her gauntlet on her arm.



In the Yarr event questline Eagle Eye aided blakebeard and keelhaul along with the Directer, Ray and the Commander to find the treasure the two pirates were after. She gave the group the coordinates, which were encrypted in Blake’s message. Then they had to light the lamps found in the locations. Throughout the questline Eagle Eye expressed how the pirates would take all the credit and treasure. She also had a minor argument with Blakebeard.

Love Storm

During the Love storm event questline Eagle Eye was also affected by the love potion, and fell in love with Kyle. She was not pleased with the circumstances, as the two had nothing in common, but even so due to the love potion she could not bare being without Kyle. Ray and the Commander try to find something that can bring the two together, but nothing works. In the end the two find that their passion to save survivors is something they have in common, but even in that they argued. In the end after the hate potion is used she returns to normal, but it turns out that she and Kyle actually end up having romantic feelings for eachother.


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