Elevators are small cube-shaped buildings in Fortnite: Battle Royale that can randomly come out of the ground at 20 different possible locations. They are the property of the Imagined Order and most commonly spawn 3 IO Guards with Rare Tactical Assault Rifles. There's a chance that they'll spawn with Epic and Legendary Tactical Assault Rifles

Rare Spawns

Sometimes, an Elevator will not spawn IO Guards but something rare - usually an Easter egg, or nods to past events, or even trolls.
These are all the rare objects that Elevators can spawn:

The Henchmen inside an Elevator.

Midas' Chair from The Ruins.

  • The GHOST and SHADOW Henchmen duo from the previous season, which seem confused about their whereabouts.
  • A Loot Shark, which will try and find the nearest body of water.
  • Midas' Golden Chair
  • The Stone Dog from Chapter 1.
  • A teddy Bear.
  • A Durrr Burger head
  • A Moai Head.
  • A triceratops
  • A wooden bear statue
  • A gnome carrying a lamp.
  • A fish on top of a chest.
  • A holiday tree surrounded by presents and Chests - most likely only for Operation: Snowdown


All Elevators

There are 20 possible spawn points for Elevators. These are:

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