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Survive the Storm Quests

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Freestyle Storm Survival

  • Complete a 3, 7 or 14 day Survive the Storm mission
  • 500 Storm ticket - icon - fortnite.pngStorm tickets

Fortnite for a Fortnight

  • Complete a 14 day Survive the Storm mission in a 15 zone
  • Storm Event Banner
  • Hydra Assault Weapon Transform Schematic

True Survivor

  • Complete a 14 day Survive the Storm mission in a 40 zone
  • Storm Event Banner
  • Mythic Lead Survivor

Mission Literally Impossible

  • Complete a 14 day Survive the Storm mission in a 70 zone
  • Storm Event Banner
  • Centurion Hawk


  • BASE Hype


  • Trailblaster A.C


  • Deadly Blade Crash

Blockbuster Quests

Part One

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

It Came From Space!

  • Collect 11 meteorite shards.
  • 250 Blockbuster Tickets

Space Rocks

  • Deploy and defend the scanners.

Super Flyers

  • Place 11 flyer launchers.
  • 250 Blockbuster Tickets

The Power That Bee

  • Kill beehive husks and collect 15 bees.

Sometimes They Come Back

  • Down chrome husks and collect 5 of their data.
  • 250 Blockbuster Tickets

Ray of Hope

  • Deploy 4 searchlights.
  • Crossbow - Weapon - Fortnite.png Legendary
  • Hand Cannon.png Legendary Bald Eagle

One "Mini-Boss" at a time.

  • Kill an Epic Mini-Boss in a successful Mini-Boss Mission

Part Two

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Bee Gone

  • Find 5 fans.

Sleep On It

  • Search the area for suitable mattresses.

We Interrupt This Broadcast...

  • Destroy TVs and collect corrupted receivers.

Ooze Control

  • Collect toxic barrels.

Project Tailor

  • Track down audio logs.


  • Collect suit materials.


  • Collect Shielder Husk data.


  • Collect stainless steel

Sharp Dressed Plan

  • Deploy the suit in a combat setting, and prepare to fight.

I Have No Voice and I Must Moo

  • Collect farm sounds.

Baby Daddy

  • Collect stuffed animals.


  • Collect clocks.

Carbon Dating

  • Collect a sample for carbon dating.

Malevolent presence

  • Deploy scanners.

Taste Wizard

  • Destroy Taste Wizard.

Lie to Me

  • Search for lie detector parts.

One "Mini-Boss" at a Time

  • Kill an Epic Mini-Boss in a successful Mini-Boss Mission

Fortune and Glory

  • Open 10 caches.

Mist Monster Bash

  • Kill 50 Mist Monsters.

When Fire Husks Start to Burn

  • Kill 300 Fire Husks.

One with Nature Husks

  • Kill 300 Nature Husks.

Don't Be Like Water Husks

  • Kill 300 Water Husks.

Enter the Chrome Husky

  • Kill a Chrome Husky.
  • 25

Part Three: The Cloaked Star

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Renegade Rampage

  • Search for Husk battle sites.

Every Film Bed, Woof!

  • Search Gravestones.

Fallen Star

  • Search for The Cloaked Star


  • Deploy magnet snares.

Jack of All Trades

  • Look for portable toilets in Industrial Zones.

Part Four

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward


  • Deploy Remote Seismographs

Look Out!

  • Deploy SEE-bots

Don't Blink

  • Collect SEE-bots

Meteoric Fall

  • Destory The Meteorite

Independence Day

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Independence Day

  • Launch Fireworks

Yarrr's Return

Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward
Pirate Attack!

Homebase is under attack by a mob of pirates! Find cannons in the area to set up a defensive line!

  • Build and Defend Cannons [1]
Lights Out

The now-thoroughly-dead pirate Blakebeard wants to show the worlds of the living & the dead that he is a villain of the highest caliber. To usher in this new age of dread, destroy Lanterns and plunge the world into darkness!

  • Destroy Lanterns in Scurvy Shoals [21]
Ghost to Coast In attempt to show Blakebeard what it really is like in the afterlife, Willow trapped ghosts so they can provide the pirate with accounts of being dead. Find the ghost cages to hear their stories.
  • Collect Ghost Cages in Scurvy Shoals [7]
Sucker Punch Willow has placed poisoned grog through the world to swell Blakebeard's ranks with ghost pirates. Destroy the grog before her diabolical plan can succeed.
  • Destroy Barrels of Poisoned Grog in Scurvy Shoals [11]
I See Shanties Blakebeard's friends wrote sea shanties about the pirate's exploits. Deploy Boomboxes throughout the land so everyone can hear these catchy tunes.
  • Deploy Boomboxes in Scurvy Shoals [5]
  • 250 Road Trip Ticket.pngRoad Trip Tickets
The Red Doubloons What is a legendary ghost pirate without a stash of plundered treasure? Find sacks of doubloons to add to Blakebeard's ill-gotten riches.
  • Collect stashes of treasure in Scurvy Shoals [5]
  • 50 Gold
King Hat The highest honor to bestow on a pirate is being crowned a Pirate King. Eliminate Husky Husks and find a suitable crown for Blakebeard.
  • Eliminate Husky Husks and Collect Crowns in Scurvy Shoals [7]
  • 100 Gold
Oh, That's What It's Good For
Tales From The Loophole
Don't Steal My Coconuts Legendary Constructor Director Riggs
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