Experience (xp), is a point system used to level up throughout Save The World. In Save The World there are different types of experience that can be used to level up a players progression.

Obtaining Experience

Experience can be earned through quests, missions, and loot llamas. Additionally, you can earn experience by recycling schematics, heroes, and survivors.

Types of Experience

  • Commander experience is earned by playing quests and missions. At the end of each mission you will be granted an "x" amount of experience depending on whether you completed that mission or failed. Upon getting the commander experience bar full will grant you rewards such as schematic experience etc, perk up, flux and skill points. The commander level caps at 310.
  • Hero xp - icon - fortniteHero experience is used to level up heroes and defenders.
  • Survivor xp - icon - fortniteSurvivor experience is used to level up survivors and lead survivors.
  • Schematic xp - icon - fortniteSchematic experience is used to level up weapons and traps.
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