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This Page/Section is about an item or concept that has been removed from the game.

The Eye Of The Storm Tracker was a miscellaneous item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Season 4 before being removed within 30 minutes.


The Eye Of The Storm Tracker allowed the player to see where the next storm circle would appear, similar to the function of the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, and its Exotic variant. Having the item in the player's inventory would replace their Back Bling, similar to a Jetpack.


Eye of the Storm Tracker
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Max Stack: 1

The Eye Of The Storm Tracker did not need to be held in order to use its function.


From when it could be obtained briefly in Season 4.

Rarity Chest Floor






Season 4

  • Update v4.20: Added the Eye Of The Storm Tracker in Rare rarity.
    • Vaulted the Eye Of The Storm Tracker within 30 minutes of its inclusion.



  • Alongside the Common Rocket Launcher, the Eye Of The Storm Tracker is one of the shortest lived items in Battle Royale. This is because it was added accidentally, in place of the Jetpack.
    • It is unclear how this happened. One can assume that because both items replace the player's back bling, and have the same mechanic of not being able to carry multiple of them, that it was accidentally put into the game.
    • As such, the item is completely unavailable in any Game Mode, similar to the Guided Missile Launcher.
  • Whilst holding the Eye Of The Storm Tracker, the player would hold the same PDA used by Outlanders in Save the World. When sprinting, the PDA would clip into the player's arm and be held incorrectly.