Fatal Fields is a farm in the Battle Royale Map. It is located at the southern part of the map and has a chance to be very chaotic. Fatal Fields is a moderately popular location. Fatal Fields is a location that has only been slightly changed since its arrival in Season 1. In Season 6, The corn has grown to full height. In Season 10, The Floating Island and the Motel sign have spawned close to Fatal Fields but haven't damaged it.


  • The word "fatal" is another word for death.
  • Just above Fatal Fields, players can find a chest on a truck hanging off the edge of the map.
  • Players can break open the silos in Fatal Fields to likely find a chest, or at least a weapon and some ammo.
  • The small alcove near the stream running through part of the town has a chance to contain a chest. Note the stream is not referring to the major river that cuts through the map.
  • There are a handful of stripped areas that are referred to as "mines", but they are not true mines in the sense there are underground tunnels. The "mines" can be searched, but a shotgun is suggested for combat.


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