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Fatal Fields is a Named Location on Athena. It was located at the southern part of the map and had a chance to be very chaotic at some times. Fatal Fields is a moderately popular location. It is a location that has only been slightly changed since its arrival in Season 1. In Season 6, The corn has grown to full height. In Season 10, The Floating Island and the Motel sign have spawned close to Fatal Fields but haven't damaged it.


Season 1

  • Fatal Fields was added.

Season 4

  • Update v4.00: A small meteor has landed west of Fatal Fields, leaving a crater.
  • Update v4.50: The crater near Fatal Fields has been completely patched up.

Season 6

  • Update v6.00: The corn on the fields have grown.
  • Update v6.20: The stable, red barn, and farmhouse have been turned into haunted houses, and desks with cash registers have appeared outside them. A maze has appeared on the east cornfield, and a crop circle which looks like a face appeared on the western field. An entrance gate was added to the northern entrance of the farm. A "Fork Knife" food truck has appeared in the middle of the area.
  • Update v6.22: Fatal Fields has turned back to normal.

Season X

  • Update v10.20:
    • August 29th: A rift beacon is being constructed at Fatal Fields.
    • September 2nd: The rift beacon has been completed and activated.
    • September 3rd: The Floating Island has appeared Northwest of Fatal Fields and will begin slowly moving around the map.


White Farmhouse

Red Barn


White Shed

Broken Shed

Small Stables

Tiny Barn

Blue Shed

Field 1

Field 2

Field 3


  • The word "fatal" is another word for death.
  • Just above Fatal Fields, players can find a chest on a truck hanging off the edge of the map.
  • Fatal Fields had an almost identical brother called Anarchy Acres.
  • Players could break open the silos in Fatal Fields to likely find a chest, or at least a weapon and some ammo.
  • The small alcove near the stream running through part of the town has a chance to contain a chest. Note the stream is not referring to the major river that cuts through the map.