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The Firefly Jar is a Rare Throwable, Foraged Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 3.


Firefly Jars are thrown by the player using the arc provided. On impact, the jar will break, scattering multiple fire flies into the air. The flies will last for a maximum of a few seconds, during which they will attempt to locate a nearby structure. When they successfully locate a structure, they will set it on fire. If they do not locate one, they simply burn the ground, doing nothing.

The Jar will have produced fire, which deals 10 damage per second to players close to it, or 1 damage if they pass by it quickly. A Jar will deal immediate splash damage of 40 to an affected player.

If a Firefly Jar is thrown in water it will return to an item pickup.


A Firefly Jar can be obtained by interacting with a swarm of fireflies. These appear as reddish glowing clusters near water, or in forest areas. They usually spawn in packs of around 4 to 8 flies. Interacting will produce one Firefly Jar and remove the swarm.


Firefly Jars deal 40 damage on impact, and 10 damage per second with the fire they have created.

Firefly Jar
Firefly Jar - Throwable - Fortnite.png
Damage: 40, then 10 per second.
Structure Damage: 40, then 10 per second.
Max Stack: 6

Strategy Guide

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This section outlines a strategy. Feel free to add tips, tricks and general advice about the topic.

  • Firefly Jars are very good for attacking a player who is repeatedly building, as lobbing several jars at their structure will not only weaken it / destroy it, but also set it alight, causing potential burn damage. The burn damage also ignores shield allowing for easier knocking of an opponent. However, it will only set wooden structures alight, but can still damage other materials.
  • Firefly Jars can be good for attacking a player in a storm as the fire damage will eliminate them quicker due to it taking away HP and not shield.
  • If you find an enemy in a house, set it in fire with a Firefly Jar and run out. This may cause the enemy to deal great amounts of damage from the fire and possibly eliminate them.


Chapter 2: Season 3


  • Firefly Jars are the only foraged item that is not a consumable.
  • Firefly Jars count as explosive damage, allowing for easier challenge completion if that particular variable is required.
  • Firefly Jars thrown at a tree in the woods may create a fire that spreads to adjacent trees.
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