The Flint-Knock Pistol is a pistol in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is available as Common or Uncommon Rarity. It uses Heavy Bullets and has a 2.0x headshot multiplier, but lacks first shot accuracy. The Flint-Knock Pistol will blast backwards the user and the target, but crouching negates this. The Common version deals 80 damage on a body hit and the Uncommon one 90.

Stats Flint-Knock Pistol (Common) Flint-Knock Pistol (Uncommon)
Pistol - Jacks revenge - weapons - fortnite Pistol - Jacks revenge - weapons - fortnite
Damage 86 90
Headshot 172 180
Fire Rate 0.33 0.33
Magazine Size 1 1
Reload Speed 3.2 3.0
Ammo Type Heavy Bullets Heavy Bullets
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