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Stop - Emoticon - Fortnite.pngThis section is about an item or concept related to the subject that has been removed from the game.

Fortnite China (Unofficial name) was a Chinese Exclusive test version of Fortnite that was available between circa April 23rd 2018 and November 15th 2021. As the name suggests, the game can only be installed and played (legally) through a Chinese internet provider. As such, the version is not available in the rest of the world. Fortnite China contains many differences to the regular version, including different Gameplay Mechanics, Art Assets, and Censored Content.


It is unclear as to when the Chinese version of Fortnite was released, as updates to the game are usually kept separate to the rest of the game, and Chinese Internet Laws result in very little information known about the version, and it was most likely released on or shortly before April 23rd 2018, during Season 5. The only information known is through rough translations and some gameplay clips. The game contains both Save the World and Battle Royale in the same client, but mobile versions without Save the World exist too, like in the regular version. New users can no longer register, as of November 1st 2021 and the servers shut down on November 15th 2021, during Chapter 2: Season 8.

Changes and Similarities

There are many key changes between Fortnite: China and Fortnite, but the fundamentals of the modes are relatively similar. Save the World still has the same mission types, with all dialogue translated to Mandarin and Battle Royale still requires the player to eliminate enemies to achieve a Victory Royale. However, both modes have significant changes:

Cosmetic Changes

Under Chinese Law, the depiction of skulls is illegal, and so each cosmetic relating to the depiction of them is altered for this reason. Outfits such as Crackshot's Crackskull style is changed to remove traces of a skull shape. Other cosmetics such as Mystique's Skull is changed to be a Sphere. Outfits such as Skull Trooper do not exist in the Chinese Client.

Husks in Save the World are also changed, as the enemies are humans with the skin over their heads missing, revealing their skulls. As such, the husks look like this: [1] [2] [3].

Furthermore, recruit outfits in Fortnite: China use the Asian ethnicity player-models such as Rio, in order to appeal to Chinese Gamers. There also exclusive cosmetics for this version of the game also, especially around Lunar New Year.

Gameplay Changes

A key difference between Battle Royale in China and in the rest of the world is that the game is both easier to win, but also aides new and struggling players significantly more.

  • When a player gets a high amount of eliminations in a single game, they are offered the opportunity to leave that match, but mark the game as a Victory Royale on their Career. This enables players to win without eliminating the final player, and also gives less skilled players a chance to win by themselves.
  • The game will end after 20 minutes, and all remaining players will receive a Victory Royale, rather than a single winner being granted it. This allows less skilled players to achieve wins more easily.
  • Players do not lose HP in The Storm, rather they have a separate 'storm health' bar. This bar will slowly tick down when in the Storm, and it can only be recharged once out of it. If the storm bar reaches zero the player will be eliminated. This allows players with low HP to survive the storm easily, but they cannot heal to increase its timer.
  • There are no Limited Time Modes or Arena Modes, aside from special occasions such as Lunar New Year.
  • After 90 Minutes of playtime (3 hours on Weekends), players receive no more XP and cannot complete challenges. Instead they are prompted to go study.

There are two reasons these changes exist. The first is the market competition upon the launch of Battle Royale. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was dominant in China before Fortnite's release, and as such Fortnite has been toned down and made much easier to introduce new players to the game. The second reason is that Chinese Law prevents players from playing for more than 90 minutes per day on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends, for under 18 year olds. As such, many changes are made to keep players active, but also not reduce the amount of matches they can play. This is why matches only last 20 minutes maximum, and players are encourage to disconnect when they reach a high elimination count. This is also why Arena and LTMs do not exist, as these exist to keep players playing for more time, or having limited time modes locks players out who cannot play them due to the 90 minute / 3 hour time limit.


China has very strict gambling and micro-transaction laws, and as such there are no micro-transactions in Fortnite: China. As such, players can earn V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite.png 400 V-Bucks every 6 days, and the Battle Pass is completely free. Players must reach level 30 to gain any rewards however. As such, there is also no Support-a-Creator system or Fortnite Crew, alongside other packs which must be purchased with real money.

Other Changes

The Translations of the game and its lore are also fundamentally different, with the game taking place as a Training Ground, with all opponents as holograms. As such, HP is referred to as Battery Life. Even their exclusive storm health bar referred to a signal bar, and its depletion results in the 'disconnection' of your hologram, eliminating you. These changes are put in place to remove any connotations of violent content in the game, as this is illegal under Chinese Law, especially for games played by minors.