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Disambig gray This article is about the in-game mode. For the application tool, see Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Create! Play! Your island — your way!
— Slogan

Creative is a creation tool in Fortnite that allows to create and publish their own game modes and creations.

Creative can be used to create an experience from scratch, or use the Battle Royale Island to effectively create custom LTMs, but this option has been disabled since update 28.00.

Creating an Experience

Accessing your Island

When you enter Creative, you will spawn inside the Hub. In the Hub, you can access the creations of all players in your party. Creations are accessed through Rifts, and your creations will be highlighted with a golden rift instead of a regular blue one. To change your rift's destination, you must interact with the console beside it. This will bring up a menu with a list of your creations.

Creator Tools
Icon MoveTool

Creators have access to a variety of tools while in edit mode. These help creators to make an experience more easily. The Phone allows the creator to move, place, rotate, resize, and delete objects in the world. It can also select multiple objects at once. When placing an object with the Phone, a hologram of the object shows an outline of the object and where it will be placed. The Phone also has many options, such as precise placement using grid snap, and a first-person camera setting.

Creators can also fly by double-tapping the jump button, which allows them to float around at an adjustable speed. Creators can also phase through objects while flying. Creators can use the Debug options in the My Island tab to fix issues with their creations. The Creative Inventory contains all prefabs, galleries, devices, and items, and is also present in the UEFN Content Browser.

Prefabs and Galleries
Port-A-Fort - Item - Fortnite

Creators are able to decorate and build their islands in many ways. Prefabs are pre-built structures that can be placed down into your creations, whereas Galleries consist of individual structures and props that allow you to design your creations from scratch. There are a variety of Prefabs and Galleries; many from past Battle Royale locations or from Save the World. Some Prefabs and Galleries also include structures and props that are exclusive to Creative.

Prefabs and Galleries give you the option to either open or equip them. Equipping a Prefab or Gallery adds it to your quickbar, which you can use to fully place it into your world. Opening allows you to place individual pieces into the world.

You can use the Level Instance Device to create your own Prefabs and Galleries, which can be placed using the Level Loader.

Mechanics and Devices
Team Settings & Inventory - Device - Fortnite

Creators can set up custom mechanics using Devices. Devices are usually small props or 2D sprites that can be placed in the world, and each have their own unique functions. Some devices work on placement, such as the Reboot Van, but others, such as the Trigger, need configuring.

Most Devices can be customized by pressing the interaction key when in close proximity to it. Customizing a Device brings up many customization options, as well as functions and events; specific to each device. These options can be configured in certain ways to allow for certain gameplay tweaks. For example, the Team Settings & Inventory Device can change player stats for each team individually. Functions and events allow devices to communicate with each other. For example, a player interacting with a Button could spawn a Taxi using the Taxi Spawner Device.

Omni Chip - Resource - Fortnite

All experiences are subject to a memory limit of 100 MB. Every prop, structure, Device, etc. will use some memory. All objects will use less memory if that object has already been placed elsewhere. If your memory reaches the limit, your creation can no longer be published until its memory usage is reduced. In Create mode, the memory limit is increased to 115 MB, however you are unable to play or publish above the 100 MB limit.

Publishing an Experience
Accolades Device - Device - Fortnite

All creators part of the Island Creator program can publish their experiences. They can also submit the experiences to Discover separately.