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Disambig gray This article is about the PvE mode. For the Music Pack, see Save the World (Music).

Battle to hold back the monster hordes and explore a vast, destructible world. Build huge forts, craft weapons, find loot and level up.
— In-Game Description

Save the World is a PvE (Player versus Environment) mode in Fortnite that was released with the game on July 25, 2017. Players must complete missions, gather and upgrade weapons and heroes, and progress through 4 Zones in the campaign in a world infested by The Storm.


Save the World is historically obtained with various hero packs which included a hero skin (outfit) and are named after the hero they included, but a few have a name reflecting the character in the pack. The packs generally also included a custom weapon skin and glider skin.

Prior to June 29, 2020, players could gain access to the Save the World game mode via purchasing Founder's Packs that also granted exclusive rewards. With the release of v13.20, Founder's Packs were officially discontinued as a result of the game coming out of early access.

Whenever the new pack is released, Save the World could only be obtained by buying that pack or the occurring Crew Pack that has STW access, and the preceding pack was cycled out of availability. The packs change every season (this is not the case with Chapter 4: Season OG, as it kept the Untask'd Courier Pack; and also in Chapter 5: Season 1, as it changed 2 times with the Save the World Quest Pack and Rogue Scout Pack).

The packs in order include:

Founder's Packs
Founder's Pack (Standard) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Founder's Pack (Deluxe) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Founder's Pack (Super Deluxe) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Super Deluxe
Founder's Pack (Limited) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Founder's Pack (Ultimate) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Starter Packs
Metal Team Leader Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Metal Team Leader
Samurai Scrapper Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Samurai Scrapper
Powerhouse Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Machinist Mina Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Machinist Mina
Robo-Ray Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Lok-Bot Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Lars Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Robo-Kevin Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Mecha-Pop Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Skate Park Royalty Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Skate Park Royalty
Crossmark Operative Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Crossmark Operative
Fully Realized Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Fully Realized
Ned the Eternal Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Ned the Eternal
Full Clip Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Full Clip
Untask'd Courier Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Untask'd Courier
Save the World Quest Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Quest Pack
Rogue Scout Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Rogue Scout
Vinderman 2.0 Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Vinderman 2.0
Natural Constructor Pack - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
Crew Packs
May 2021 Crew Pack (New) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
May 2021
July 2022 Crew Pack (New) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
July 2022
August 2022 Crew Pack (New) - Limited Time Offer - Fortnite
August 2022


In Save the World, the player takes on the role of a Hero, with the task of fighting against The Storm, rescuing Survivors, building structures, and upgrading and expanding Storm Shields to shield large portions of the world. The tasks are straightforward as they mostly are made up of building around a structure and defending it.


There are 3 types of enemies the player must deal with:

  • Husks: Basic melee/ranged enemies that deal low to moderate amount of damage. They are the most common type and are found in large clusters usually.
  • Mist Monsters: Monsters with a purple/blue like hue with yellow eyes that have special abilities. They are a rare occurrence and generally have a high health and damage and pose a high threat to an objective.
  • Bosses: Mini-Bosses can take on the form of any existing monster with a greatly amplified health and damage, with special abilities aswell. The Storm King and Mythic Storm King are the only true bosses of the game, which can be found in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks respectfully.
Stats and Progression

The player has multiple forms of progression:

  • Power Level - A measure of how much the stats of your weaponry and heroes are scaled. Power Level also applies to the difficulty scaling of missions and enemies.
  • F.O.R.T. Stats - Stats which scale a specific aspect of your arsenal. All 4 F.O.R.T. Stats will determine Power Level.
  • Commander Level - Level that allows access to high Research Point generation and advanced upgrades, along with some F.O.R.T Stats.
  • Survivor Squads - Squads of Survivors that can be customized and slotted into teams that benefit a specific aspect of gameplay and give bonuses to items and heroes.
  • Storm Shield - Expanding the Storm Shield by installing more amplifiers and defending them grants access to higher-level missions. A Launch the Rocket mission will have to be completed to unlock the next region available.
Schematics, Heroes, Survivors and Upgrading them

The player also has progression for individual items too. Items can be evolved to the next tier to unlock new features for the item and give a significant boost in terms of base stats. All rarities have a max tier as shown below:

  • Uncommon: Tier 3
  • Rare: Tier 4
  • Epic: Tier 5
  • Legendary: Tier 5

Items can also be supercharged with Supercharger Materials, which extend the item's level beyond Level 50. For weapons, evolving to Tier 4 will give the player 2 choices:

  • Ore: uses an Ore material as its primary crafting resource.
  • Crystal: uses a Crystal material as its primary crafting resource, but damage increase is greater than that of the Ore Evolution path with the cost of Fire Rate and Durability.

In addition to progression, players can use one Commander Hero and 6 Support Heroes.

  • The Commander Hero is the hero that you play as. Their Commander Perk, Ability Configuration, Class, Health, Shield and other stats will be active.
  • Support Heroes use their basic standard perk and contribute a portion of their health and shield to the hero; however, their ability configuration and class will not be available to use in-game.

Players can also take 3 Weapons and their Harvesting Tool into a mission as well. Weapons are primarily obtained by crafting them using their Schematic, but they can also be obtained through Chests, Mission Rewards and Side-Mission Loot. Weapon Schematics can have their perks be configured uniquely and be evolved and increase rarity, along with choosing their evolution path. Crafted weapons will break when their durability runs out, or can be recycled to obtain materials used to craft other items.

The Campaign

The player has a main campaign, Stand and Fight to progress through (Stonewood, Plankerton, and Canny Valley), with many other Side Questlines occasionally rotating in and an endgame questline (Twine Peaks). These can be bundled with a Venture, seasonal events based on the real-world season with an exclusive zone in which the player must level up their Venture Level to unlock access to higher-level missions and increase their FORT Stats. The player can only craft their traps, with them having to resort to Vending Machines to obtain weaponry and Crafting Benches to repair them.


See also: Lore (Save the World)

The Storm came without warning, wiping out 98% of the worlds population instantly and from this mysterious storm evil was born. Humanities last hope is Homebase a base which houses all remaining survivors and the heroes which fight back against the Storm, and all of this is led by The Commander (the player).

In the beginning cutscene we see The Commander arriving at Homebase where we are introduced to Ray the one who helps The Commander fight back against the Storm, Ray was created by Dr. Vinderman who invented Vindertech. Using the technology left by Dr. Vinderman The Commander assisted by Ray sets up Storm Shields around the continent to push back the Storm creating safe zones.

It's later revealed that the main antagonist, the one who controls the Storm is a Storm King from The Last Reality and after several adventures, it's time to face him in Canny Valley. However even after facing and defeating the Storm King, involving a tragic loss along the way, it's still not the end of the story: the Storm is still there and after being defeated, the Storm King left behind a Corruption Cube seeking of dark energy and revenge. Its story is explored by event quests the sequel of which is currently awaited.

System Requirements

Certain platforms cannot run Save The World. Below is more detail on which platforms these are.

Supported Platforms

Here is a list of Supported Platforms for Save the World:

PC Mac PS4/5 Xbox Nintendo Switch iOS/iPadOS Android Cloud Gaming (Touch) Cloud Gaming (Controller/KB+M)

Minimum CPU Requirements

See also: Fortnite#System Requirements

Here are the minimum CPU requirements for running Save the World:

System Part Minimum specifications Recommended specifications Epic Quality Presets specifications
G.P.U. Intel HD 4000 on PC; Intel Iris Pro 5200 Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU Nvidia GTX 1080, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, or equivalent GPU
Video Memory None 2 GB VRAM 4 GB VRAM or higher
C.P.U. Intel Core i3-3225 3.3 GHz Intel Core i5-7300U 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7-8700, AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB RAM 16 GB RAM or higher
Storage None None NVMe Solid State Drive
Operating System Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit Windows 10/11 64-bit Windows 10/11 64-bit


  • Fortnite was announced on July 12, 2012, to be the first game to utilize Unreal Engine 4. It was originally stated by the developers that the game would only released for PC and/maybe next Gen consoles because Unreal Engine doesn't support 7th generation consoles.
  • The game mode was expected to be Free-to-Play at the end of 2018 but it remained paid and the main Campaign was cut short due to many of Epic Games' employees preferring to develop on Battle Royale and Creative rather than Save the World, causing development to slow down.
  • This game mode was not available in the "Performance" mode graphics settings prior to Update v19.30.
  • It was the first Fortnite game mode, and prior to the release of Battle Royale, was referred to as just "Fortnite".
  • A spinoff, titled Fortnite World Explorers was planned and developed before Save the World was released[1]. Eventually, it was repackaged and remade into Battle Breakers[2].



Save the World Content (edit)
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Personnel Survivors - Defenders - Expedition Squads - F.O.R.T. Stats
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Enemies Husk Monsters - Mist Monsters - Mini-Bosses - Storm King
Map Regions - Biomes - Missions - Mutant Storms
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