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Fortnite 2nd Birthday is the in-game, limited event that celebrates the second birthday of Fortnite, which lasted until the start of Season X. Players are tasked with a short set of challenges that reward a Wrap, Music, Spray, Emoticon, and after completing all four challenges, you will earn a Harvesting Tool. As of the initial patch of Season X, the rewards the players did not earn rotated out of the challenges tab.

Even if not directly participating, players can eat the cake slices scattered around the map to receive +5 health and +5 shield instantly when consumed. Also, the Battle Bus sports a birthday theme for a limited time, and those in the Fortnite: Save the World mode can unlock a new skin and earn tickets.

Birthday Challenges

Complete All Four Challenges To Earn A Pickaxe.

  • Play 10 matches - Wrap
  • Dance in front of 10 different Birthday Cakes - Music
  • Outlive 500 Opponents - Spray
  • Gain Health or Shield From Cake (50) - Emoticon

Birthday Slice - Pickaxe - Fortnite
Frosted - Wrap - Fortnite
B-Day Beats - Music - Fortnite
This Many - Spray - Fortnite
Birthday Cupcake - Emoticon - Fortnite
Birthday Slice
B-Day Beats
This Many!
Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Cake locations

Birthday Cake Locations - 2nd Birthday Challenges - Fortnite
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