Rules and responsibilities that apply to both editors/staff to follow.

We want to give our editors as much leeway as they deserve. We will make an attempt to give warnings where we see suitable for a user to improve and not make the same mistake twice. In some instances, warning will not be granted.

Note: Staff at their discretion may choose to lower or increase the severity of a punishment.

Recent Changes

  • Clarification and more in-depth rules and punishments surrounding Edit and Achievement grinding.
    • This is due to an increase of unnecessary edits and grinders.


  • To prevent drama and uncertainty around editing we have a Editing Tips & Guidelines page that we strongly recommend to editors and staff.
  • To keep our site as authentic as possible, we are seeking fact over opinion. If you state "The batman skin is the best skin in the game" it becomes an opinion. Fact and opinion also play a role in fiction vs non fiction. We don't want theories about a page, we want facts.
  • If you collect information from external websites, don't plagiarize others written words. Please refrain from doing so and at least if you do use an external websites sources, either link it or rewrite that information into your own words.


Acceptable images must be Fortnite related. Here are some examples:

  • Backgrounds
  • Transparent images
  • Icons

Unacceptable images:

  • Unrelated Fortnite pictures/content added to articles, discussions.
  • Faces of real life people
  • Blurry images
  • Not direct screenshots. (Pictures taken from your phone looking into the desktop screen)
  • Pornography


Acceptable videos must be Fortnite related. Here are some examples:

  • Fortnite Official Trailers (Created by Epic)
    • If you believe there should be an exception, contact Content Mod +

Unacceptable videos:

  • Videos related to Fortnite, players, items, outfits, shops uploaded by anyone NOT Epic. We dont allow self advertisement.
  • Links to your social media profiles.


Acceptable Audio must be Fortnite Related.

  • Fortnite Lobby Music Audio.
  • Emote Audio
  • Item Audio (Shooting, Pullout, etc.)
    • If you believe there should be an exception, contact Content Mod +

Unacceptable Audio:

  • Audio IRL.
  • Audio with bad quality/background noise.


Punishments in this section can vary depending on the circumstance and intention of the editor. Generally these bans can be indefinite if its intentional vandalism.

  • Adding false information to articles, gibberish etc.
  • Removing content from pages.
  • Spamming links to external sites.

User Related Offenses

It is in our utmost interest for our users to edit and communicate effectively without the need of punishments. However, this domain is publicly shared and we cannot guaranteed you that you will never encounter a punishment or be a victim. Punishments in this section are usually severe. Generally these bans have very few tolerance for renewing an offenders reputation in the community.

Inappropriate Behavior

Articles, blogs, profiles, message walls or sandboxes that incite arguments, disrespect, harassment, explicit words, racism etc.


Do not share your account with anyone. Do not exploit users. Do not attempt to hack other users. Do not give out your password to anyone.

Age Requirement

Any users who are below 13 years of age will be reported to FANDOM for their account to be terminated. If your account is globally blocked, do not create a new account until you are 13 years of age.


You can be blocked by a Fortnite Wiki staff member for various reasons. Depending on the staff member's discretion, your block can vary. Usually but not always, we give light blocks (between 1-7 days). If your block is longer than 7 days, you can appeal it on the staff members' wall here. Any user who evades a block by using a VPN or external plugin will be permanently blocked.


Sock puppetting (Abuse of multiple accounts) falls under this category and could be a reason to why you've been blocked. We dislike users who create alternative accounts after being banned, and do not tolerate if users create accounts to mock others.

Do not impersonate a Fortnite Wiki staff member. Do not tell how a staff should or should not do their job. If you have a reason to believe a staff member is not acting accordingly, report it to an Administrator.

No self advertisement on Articles, blogs, profiles, message walls or sandboxes (Unless showing stats using Fortnite related tracking websites; leader boards etc)

Self Advertisement is allowed on your own user profile.


Necropost or gravedigging is replying to an archived section of the Wiki. Whether that is a message wall, or blog. This rule applies to anything longer than 7 days.

Grinding Edits

When editing on the Fortnite Wiki, we do not care about the number of edits you have created. We are more impressed by users who develop their ideas and make quality edits. Grinding edits is an issue to our Achievement Leaderboards.

Example of Grinding Edits:

  • You edit a page just to add a period to the end of the sentence. But then you edit the same page or another page again only to capitalize 1 letter. It could be that you're looking out for grammar truthfully. If you're going to edit pages, take the time to edit it thoroughly and look for all mistakes or improvements.
  • Removing content. Saving. Then adding the same or similar content again.

Advice to avoid being seen as an edit grinder:

  • Do not stretch adding content to pages, unless you have to.
  • If you don't think that your edit will make a huge difference, don't make that edit.


  • The offender will be notified and given a friendly warning, as well as a link referencing the source. If you feel you were notified wrongly, feel free to defend yourself and explain.
  • A second warning may be issued depending on the severity.
  • The offender will be banned for a period between 1-7 days.
  • The offender could be banned for a period of 1 month.
  • The offender could be banned for 1 year.
  • The offender could be banned indefinitely.

Rules & Responsibilities of the Fortnite Discussions

Our rules and responsibilities apply to all users including staff. However, it is up to the staff's discretion to decide on a action/punishment.

  • If your thread is locked it could be due to a question being answered, spam or has gone off-topic.
  • If your thread/post is deleted it could be due to unwanted publicity or spam.
  • We typically hand out warnings if a rule is broken. However, in certain situations warnings may not be given out and bans will be issued.

1) While it is most likely impossible to keep things peaceful at all times, we'd like it for users to be civil and open-minded about differing opinions.If you'd ever like to give feedback to someones thread/post please have it constructive instead of destructive. Here are examples of the type of responses:

  • (Good) Constructive criticism is giving feedback and or guidance for ways in which someone/something can improve.
  • (Bad) Destructive criticism is giving feedback that blames, finds faults and or delivers the message in a aggressive or insulting way.

Here is a list of commonly inappropriate behaviors that we will not tolerate:

  • Disrespect, harassment, flaming users, swearing, causing drama.
  • In addition, ban evading, creating alternative accounts (with bad intentions), and impersonation.

2) It is easy to engage in off-topic threads/posts. We'd like to remind you that we specifically are wanting appropriate Fortnite discussions only.

Here are some example of things we don't want:

  • Threads/posts about other games, personal life etc.
  • Threads/posts directed for self advertising. (Self advertising is only allowed to be shared on your user page)
  • Negative threads/posts directed towards users, staff etc.
  • Troll Fortnite threads. (Polls, images etc.)
  • Spam
  • Vandalizing
  • Unrelated images.

3) Trading for Accounts, Cosmetics (gifting) or asking/selling/buying Fortnite/IRL currency is not allowed.

4) To reduce encouraging rule-breakers/spammers/vandals:

  • Please do not post about rule-breakers, such as vandals, in order to report them to staff. Especially don't mention them. They will see that it is annoying you, and will likely be encouraged to continue
    • Instead, report them to our Staff.
  • In addition, do not post about ongoing situations of spammers or vandals (An example being post spamming, upvote spaming) as the perpetrator will just have more fun in doing it more.
    • Again, report them to a Staff's message wall.
    • This rule does not apply when the vandal/spammer is no longer performing these acts.

Try and participate in our daily themes but make sure to follow its rules. See here for more:

Found a problem that our staff can't help with? Contact Fandom staff via

Wiki Representative:

  • Surafbrov (Fandom Staff)

Discussion Managers:

  • MTOnline69 (In charge of Promotions/Demotions)
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