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Galactus is a Marvel character in Fortnite: Battle Royale introduced at the end of Chapter 2: Season 3. He starred as the Main Antagonist of Chapter 2: Season 4, with the events of it building up to the The Devourer of Worlds Live event. He also serves as a posthumous Antagonist of Chapter 2: Season 5.


Galactus is a large humanoid creature, several times larger than the Island itself. In Marvel lore, he is a cosmic entity who consumes planets to sustain his life force, but in the Fortnite canon, was attracted to the Island after the events of the The End live event. After noticing the massive shift in reality created by The Zero Point and it's power, Galactus set off to harness its power for himself. Thor later arrives at the island, alongside other Marvel heroes, to stop Galactus before he consumed the Zero Point.


Nexus War: Thor

At Asgard, Thor is met by Galactus. Galactus warns him that the Black Winter is coming, which will destroy everything in its path. Thor agrees and becomes the Herald of Thunder. As they search for 5 Barren Planets that Galactus must consume to stop the winter, a Rift appears, leading a path to The Zero Point. Galactus heads towards the portal, but Thor rushes into the rift to warn the people of Apollo.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Galactus first made his appearance early in the season, only appearing as a faint red dot in the sky, much like a star. As the season continued, the dot became brighter. Later in the Season, Galactus was visible in the sky as a distant model. As the weeks went on, his model became larger as he came closer to the island with his eyes glowing a bright red. Within the last few weeks of the season, Galactus disappeared from the sky, and began to rise out of the water each day. The day before the live event, his head was fully visible in the waters far west of the island.

The Devourer of Worlds

Eating In-Between - Galactus - Fortnite.gif

During the live event, Galactus became active, and slowly walked closer to the island, increasing in size. He then shouted: "Beware...I Hunger!!!!" before hitting Helicarrier 64 out of the sky and into the water. Afterwards, he then began to absorb the Zero Point until a full reality collapse occurred. Aided by Iron Man, the player was put into an Upgraded Battle Bus as Galactus sent out Gorgers and Gatherers to attack the player. After being forced to consume all the Upgraded Battle Buses, he said, "No! This is not possible!" before being rifted back to where he came. After this, he was not seen again, but the Zero Point was left exposed.

Marvel/Fortnite: Zero War #1

The Devourer of Worlds event is seen in a flashback in the comic.



  • Leaks and Data-mining suggest that Galactus is an outfit of Epic Rarity. it appears the outfit only exists to provide the role of an AI character. It appears that even a character like Galactus, who is thousands of times larger than the player, the game engine requires he has an outfit in order to properly function as a humanoid.
  • For Galactus' final appearance before the Live Event, his head appeared to be floating above the water, not connected to anything.
  • Galactus can be seen in the Loading Screens Herald's Hammer and Cosmic Wave.



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