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Genō! I can get you to Genō!
— John Jones when trying to stop The Foundation from attacking him

Genō is a character first mentioned by Agent Jones in The Zero Crisis Finale. Not much is currently known about this individual, but it's known that it's a character of great interest to The Seven, as The Foundation was willing to work together with Agent Jones after his promise to bring The Foundation to Genō. It's also infered that Jones either has knowledge about or access to wherever Genō is, due to The Foundation being willing to not punish Agent Jones for destabilizing the Zero Point for the promise to find them.


It is possible that Genō is a member of the Seven (Along with the mentioned "Sisters") that went missing after the events of Season X and The End. (The only event that had all 7 members of the Seven in one place).


  • In the German translation of the cinematic, the grammar used to refer to Genō insinuates that it is a person, and not a place.
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