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We admit very, very few to our inner circle. But all of in The Omniverse, you may have been the easiest choice. Welcome. You are already a vauled addition to the Imagined Order.
— Geno

Geno is the leader of the Imagined Order first mentioned by Agent Jones in The Zero Crisis Finale. He is referred to as the big boss by Jones. He is the overarching antagonist of Battle Royale.


Geno is stated to be the founder of The Imagined Order, above Doctor Slone. It is learned that Geno is feared by The Seven, as stated by their leader, The Foundation. The Zero Point is stated to be in the hands of Geno. The Foundation was willing to work together with Agent Jones after Jones promised to bring The Foundation to Geno. It's also inferred that Jones has knowledge about Geno, however as implied in Zero War, Jones has no idea who Geno is, easily mistaking Gunnar for him. Geno also seems to have access to The Omniverse without using the Zero Point directly.


Chapter 2: Season 6

  • Geno is first mentioned by Agent Jones.

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • Geno keeps The Imagined away from learning the truth about her past, even deleting all files related to The Imagined and The Order from IO servers. The Foundation said that he is the one who made plans to end The Loop in Collision event.


  • Geno is seen through The Zero Point portal in a very purple and pinkish location. The location is referred to as The Realm in the game files.


  • The word Geno means "birth", "race", "family" or "origin".
  • Jones asks "Who is that?" just as the Zero Point focuses on Geno near the end of Collision. This implies Jones never saw Geno in person during his time at the Imagined Order.
    • He also thought Gunnar was Geno and that he was having meetings with his "big boss".