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Ghosty Ghost Henchmen are a type of AI in Battle Royale who were either reawakened by Shadow Midas or Baba Yaga so they could help him with his revenge. They can be found at The Ruins and will shoot at you with the Jack'o Launcher or the Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

There is no physical differences with the GHOST Henchmen but a noticeable difference in their voice, their weapons, and possibly their faction. Since they are undead, their voices sound distorted and zombie-like. They are most likely not associated with the original GHOST faction, although this is not confirmed.


  • Ghosty Ghost Henchmen are the first kind of Henchmen to be featured in Fortnitemares.
  • They are referred to as "Reawakened Henchmen" from Epic Games' YouTube channel, "Ghost Henchmen" in-game and "Ghostly Ghost Henchmen" in the game files.
  • The 3D model used for the Ghosty Ghost Henchmen is that of the GHOST Henchmen from Chapter 2 Season 2. They have not changed physically at all like the GHOST Henchmen from Chapter 2 Season 3, who used the GHOST Beach Brawler model and wore shorts.
  • These Henchmen are passive to the player when playing as a Shadow. However, if the player attacks them, they will become hostile against them.