Gotham City was a location on the Fortnite Battle Royale Map. It was added in Season X for the Fortnite X Batman Collaboration and also replacing Tilted Town. Entering it gives everyone the ability to redeploy their gliders as many times as they want. Many locations, including this one, were sucked into a black hole after the The End event, but only a few locations made it into Chapter 2: Season 1.


The Gotham City was a Batman comics themed location with Batsignals, a cinema, a destroyed bank, police cars, and so on. It was located inside its own sphere of influence like Moisty Palms, Retail Row and Greasy Grove.


  • It is inspired by Gotham City of the DC universe.
  • The glider in this zone is transformed into the Batglider.
  • The Gotham City and Pandora are the only rift zones added for an event.
  • When the buildings for this location were added to Creative, the name for the location was changed to Dark Tilted, for non-promotional purposes.


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