The Grappler is an item players can use in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

It was added in patch 5.40 with the introduction of the High Stakes game mode in Season 5 and was vaulted in the 7.21 Content Update, due to its ability to retake high ground with minimal effort. It is later unvaulted in Chapter 2 - Season 2 as a special Mythic item by killing Skye in The Shark.

It is also available in Creative mode.


  • Players fire at a nearby object to pull themselves towards it. When hitting a moving object (vehicle, player), its momentum will be added to players' launch force.
  • Chain multiple shots together to travel great distances.
  • Mythic rarity.
  • It was added back for Chapter 2: Season 2.
  • It has Infinite Ammo.
  • If shot when in a Motorboat or Choppa, it will slightly pull the vehicle in that direction.
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