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Greasy Grove was a suburban neighborhood located on the southwest side of the Battle Royale Map. Its most famous attraction was the Durrr Burger restaurant prior to Season X, when it got replaced by a Tacos restaurant. It was also used in a few of the Fortnite promotional videos.

Chapter 1

In Season 4, the Rift caused many things on the island to teleport to other dimensions and points in time. This includes the metal Durrr Burger head that rested upon the Durrr Burger sign. It was not seen again until Season 5, and never returned to the restaurant. In Season 6, the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit business sabotaged the Durr Burger by releasing cockroaches into the restaurant, causing health inspectors to close it. As a result, a cold war broke out between the two fast food businesses. They each had food trucks follow each other around various locations, until they both set up their restaurants again in Retail Row. In Season 7 on December 6, 2018, Greasy Grove got covered by a pool of ice on the right of Polar Peak.

With Season X, one of the Rift Beacons in the pair (sixth and seventh) removed the ice that covered it, thus, brought back the location. It got brought back alongside the new Spicy Tacos, which gives 10 health and shield and an increase in movement speed for 20 seconds. Along with the location returning. Every so often, everybody within the Greasy Grove zone will start dancing to the Taco Time dance removing the ability to build or shoot for a short amount of time.

Chapter 2

North of Weeping Woods is the rusted heads of Beef Boss and Tomatohead, named Greasy Graves.

Other Chapter 1 locations that made it to Chapter 2 include Pleasant Park, Risky Reels, Retail Row, and Salty Springs.

In Chapter 2: Season 5, the Durr Burger restaurant has returned and has smashed half of Logjam Woodworks.


  • One of the central buildings is a multi-level camping equipment store, sometimes referred to by players as simply the "gun shop".
  • The Durrr Burger restaurant has changed in recent seasons. In Season 7, it moved to Retail Row as a food truck, and in Season 9, it was located at Neo Tilted.
  • In Season X, one of the Rift beacons in the pair (sixth and seventh) removed the ice that covered and brought back the location into life, but instead of the famous Durr Burger restaurant, a more modern yet bigger version of the Tacos stand made its way to the location.


  • A location called Holly Hedges is similar to Greasy Grove. It’s layout is similar.