Grenades are a type of thrown weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale that typically deal high amounts of area-of-effect damage.


Name Stats Notes
Air Strike - Grenade - Fortnite
Air Strike
Damage: 70 A thrown canister of colored smoke that calls in a flurry of missiles from above.
Max Stack: 2
Boogie Bomb - Grenade - Fortnite
Boogie Bomb
Damage: N/A Forces those caught in radius to dance for 5 seconds, or until damage is taken
Stack: 4
Chiller Grenade - Grenade - Fortnite
Chiller Grenade Vaulted
Damage: N/A Knocks players back, causing them to slide along the ground
Max Stack: 6
Clinger - Grenade - Fortnite
Clinger Vaulted
DPS: 200
Damage: 100
Structure Damage: 200
Sticks to surfaces and other players. Also explodes early if structure is destroyed.
Dynamite - Grenade - Fortnite
Dynamite Vaulted
Damage: 70
Structure Damage: 800
  • Shorter range
  • Detonation countdown can't be canceled
  • Flat cylinder-shaped radius
  • Can be thrown back
Grenade - Grenade - Fortnite
DPS: 210
Damage: 105
Structure Damage: 393
  • Also staggers enemies
Impulse Grenade - Grenade - Fortnite
Impulse Grenade
Damage: N/A
  • Knocks players away from grenade
  • Can knock players off structures or heights
  • Can be used to propel user forward
Port-a-Fort - Grenade - Fortnite


Damage: N/A
  • Provides immediate building of metal fort
  • Tires at base allow for leaping to top
  • Good for sniping and emergency building
Port-a-Fortress - Grenade - Fortnite
Port-a-Fortress Vaulted
Damage: N/A Spawns an even bigger metal fort with bounce pads at the edges.
Remote Explosive - Grenade - Fortnite
Remote Explosives Vaulted
Damage: 70
Structure Damage: 800
  • Found in stacks of four
  • No distance limit to setting off
Shadow Bomb - Grenade - Fortnite
Shadow Bomb
Damage: N/A Makes anyone in a certain area partially invisible and allows players to double jump and wall climb.
Shockwave grenade icon
Shockwave Grenade
Damage: N/A A buffed Impulse Grenade, can smash walls and launch players without dealing fall damage.

Spawns in stacks of 2

Stink Bomb - Grenade - Fortnite
Stink Bomb
DPS: 10
Damage: 90 (5 every 0.5 seconds exposed)
Deals area-of-effect damage over time to those caught in its cloud
Lasts for nine seconds.
Stack: 6
Storm Flip - Grenade - Fortnite
Storm Flip
DPS: 5

Damage: 100 (5 every 1 second exposed)

This bottle creates a mini-storm in peaceful zones or makes a peaceful area in the storm
Lasts for twenty seconds
Stack: 1
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