Grenades are a Throwable Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were added in Season 0.


Grenades are thrown by the player using the arc provided. Once thrown, the grenade starts a three second timer. After the three seconds is up, the grenade will explode, dealing damage in a small radius around where it stopped moving / detonated.

Grenade explosions will not set off other grenades in the area prematurely, and grenades cannot be 'cooked' by holding on to them before throwing.

If a grenade is thrown into water, it will remain stationary until it explodes.


Grenades can be obtained from a variety of places. They are found as floor loot, in chests and in supply drops. They drop in stacks of 3.


Grenades deal 100 damage. There is no cooldown between throwing them.

Grenade (Current).png
Damage: 100
Structure Damage: 375
Max Stack: 6

Strategy Guide

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  • Grenades are very good for attacking a player who is repeatedly building, as lobbing several grenades at their structure will not only weaken it / destroy it, but it has the potential to eliminate the player afterwards.
  • Understanding how far a grenade will go after it has been thrown before detonating allows a player to effectively control exactly where a grenade will explode, rather than dealing with the potential bounces and rolling of a thrown grenade.


Season 0

  • Update v1.6: Added Grenades in Common rarity alongside Battle Royale. They stack up to 10.
  • Update v1.7: Grenades now deal 375 Structure Damage, instead of 450.

Season 2

  • Unknown: Added a new icon for the Grenade to reflect its in game model.

Season 3

Season 5

Season 7

Season 9

Chapter 2: Season 1



  • Grenades are a different item to the projectile shot from a Grenade Launcher. They also cannot be used as Ammunition for said weapon.
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