Happy Hamlet is a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is in the southwestern corner of the map and was added in update 7.00, replacing Flush Factory. Happy Hamlet is located at south coordinates D9, west of Lucky Landing and far south of Shifty Shafts. It is a small European town, or hamlet, in the snow biome.

Happy Hamlet is lowly populated as long as it isn't at the start or end of the battle bus. Happy tends to hold 0-2 players per game in solos and 0-3 teams in duos/squads. Players can sometimes find themselves completely alone at this location, leaving all the loot to themselves.

Speaking of loot, there are a total of 33 chests in Happy Hamlet, as of Season X, putting it within the top 4 locations for chests, with Mega Mall, Tilted Town, and Loot Lake. Additionally, furniture, trees, rocks, and fences all offer quality amounts of materials. Happy Hamlet can also spawn up to 3 vending machines.

Players tend to not land Happy Hamlet because of its far, out of the way location. The storm circle isn't always going to fall on Happy, but several driftboards can spawn in the town, giving players plenty of mobility around the map.

When it comes to combat in Happy Hamlet, it is very likely one would have already looted multiple houses before engaging in battle so the player will most likely have shields, a shotgun, and plenty of materials. There is never a rush to kill anyone in Happy as driftboards are always there for the storm and one can always find great loot here. When combat does begin, it will probably be at close range, so one should have prepared an smg and shotgun plus materials. 

It got removed in “The End”. The Chapter 2 reincarnation is named “Misty Meadows”. 

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