Icon SK Crowbar 01 L
  • A Light weapon that combined quick swing speed with good knockback potential.
  • Heavy attack - Overhead Smash - Attack that does increased damage and knocks back foes.
Notable variants
Tactical considerations
  • Crowbars have slightly slower attack speed and greater impact.
  • Solid DPS weapon with bonus stagger potential and Kinetic Overload synergy when used with double attack speed or attack speed + crit chance.
Icon SK PipeWrench L
  • A Medium weapon with fast swing rate and good knockback; gains speed with each hit.
  • Heavy attack - Double Thrawk - Damages and and knocks back enemies in a wide forward cone.
Notable variants
Tactical considerations
  • Wrenches boast the fastest attack speed and highest sustained-DPS of all hardware weapons.
  • Lower base critical chance, which might be more valuable with Kinetic Overload.
Rocket Sledges
Icon SK RocketHammer L
  • A High-Tech rocket-powered weapon that delivers high knockback at a decent swing rate.
  • Heavy attack - Whirlwind Attack - Spins around three times; damaging and knocking back nearby foes.
Notable variants
Tactical considerations

Rocket sledges have decent impact, staggering or knocked down for general purpose crowd control of husks.

  • Mid to slow swing speed
  • Decent damage that combos well with the stagger potential and the low to mid knockback.
  • Whirlwind style heavy attack for a quick, high burst-DPS, making it very versatile.
  • Recommended for hardware-based constructors.
Heavy Hammers
Icon SK SledgeHammer R L
  • A Heavy slow-swinging hammer with powerful knockback.
  • Heavy attack - Leap Attack - Jumps to targeted foe; damages and knocks down nearby enemies.
Notable variants
Tactical considerations
  • Heavy hammers sacrifices attack speed and raw damage potential for stronger impact and knockback.
  • Slow swing speed creates inconsistency of knock down and lackluster DPS.
  • Used for pure crowd control, and not necessarily damage.
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