Haunted Castle - Fortnite
Haunted Castle - Interior - Fortnite

Haunted Castle interior

The Haunted Castle is a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale introduced with the Season 6 update. It is located in the hills directly east of the location Haunted Hills; in order to access it, players will need to build.

The Haunted Castle is surrounded somewhat by a low wall, with multiple towers. Inside each tower top there is a chance for a chest. The West towers extend down the mountain for a large distance, and digging down will often reveal a chest or two. The stairs lead to a central room, but players can descend one level lower to find several alcoves with abandoned coffins. Though torches line the interior, there are patches of fog at various spots.

With the Season 7 update, the castle appears to be very run down, and looks like it's falling apart.