These are healing items in Fortnite. They help the player survive longer by restoring health/shield.

Health Items

Bandages (Common) Medkit (Uncommon) Flopper


Cozy Campfire (Rare) Vaulted Bandage Bazooka
Consumable medkit
Cozy Campfire - Fortnite Battle Royale
Health Change +15 (Capped at 75) +100 +50 +50 (+2 every second, +4 every second stoked) +15 per bandage
Time to Use (Seconds) 3.5 10 1 25 Instant when used, 20 per reload
Stack Size 15 3 4 999 5 bandages, 1 can be held at a time
Notes Heals a small amount of health Heals you to 100 health Quickly heals you. Gradually heals you Shoots bandages that can give health upon impact.

Shield Items

Stats Small Shield Potion (Uncommon) Shield Potion (Rare)
Consumable Small Shield Potion
Shield potion icon
Shield Restored +25 (Capped at 50) +50
Time to Use (Seconds) 2 5
Stack Size 6 3
Notes Good Med to keep on yourself. Gives 50 shield.

Shield and Health Items

Stats Slurp Juice (Epic) Vaulted Chug Jug (Legendary) Vaulted Chug Splash (Rare) Vaulted
Consumable slurp
Consumable chug
Images - chugsplash - healing - fortnite
Health and Shield Change +75 (1 every 0.5 seconds) +200 +25 to everyone around it
Time to use (Seconds) 2 15 Instant on impact
Stack Size 2 1 6
Notes It gradually heals health and shield. If health is full, it fills shield instead. Instantly heals you with shield and health, but takes a long time, making it risky but beneficial to use. It is an item that is thrown like a grenade. Upon contact of any surface, it'll use splash radius to find your teammates or yourself and give you +25 hp or shield.


  • Small Shield Potions cannot give you shield if your shield is 50 or over. Drink Small Shield potions first, then use a normal shield potion to get max shields.
  • The storm and fall damage will ignore shield and deplete only health.
  • It may be beneficial to go into a safe place or build a wall around you when drinking a Chug Jug, It takes 15 seconds to drink, but it's worth it if you have low shield and/or health.
  • You can stack up to 6 small shields potions, or 3 shield potions, or 1 chug jug, or 2 slurp juices, or 6 chug splashes in a single slot.
  • You can light campfires (such as ones found at campsites) to gain health. However, once they are lighten, you are required to use 300 wood to re-light them.
  • The Chug Splash can be useful when being on the move or trying to lengthen the time your downed teammate has.
  • The Bandage Bazooka is useful in modes where you can team up with others.
  • The Bandage Bazooka is the first two-slot item in the game.
  • You are allowed to hold 1 Bandage Bazooka in your inventory.
  • If you miss a shot with the Bandage Bazooka, it will turn into a bandage upon impact.


  • Slurp Juice used to only give 25 shield and 25 health
  • On March 12, 2019, animations were added when using healing items.
  • In v11.00, a factory was added along with Slurpy Swamp to test shield items
  • Small Shield Potions and Slurp Juice use the same audio.
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