Fortnite class characters

Heroes are characters that a player can choose to play as during Missions. Each belongs to a class, granting varying bonuses. Each hero has individual traits in the form of special perks (passives) and abilities.

Before, there were subclasses that grouped heroes inside the 4 main classes, the perks and abilities were shared between more heroes. As of Season 8, that has been removed.

The number of perks and abilities depends on the individual hero's maximum evolution and level, with all unlocked after the third evolution and attaining level 30. The highest an individual hero can evolve is based on that hero's rarity; all heroes have the capacity to gain all perks and abilities, with evolutions beyond the third continuing to increase stats:

  • Uncommon: up to three evolutions
  • Rare: up to four evolutions
  • Epic, Legendary, and Mythic: up to five evolutions

Hero Classes


Outlander HID Outlander SphereFragmenSR

Outlanders specialize in treasure finding and resource collecting, with perks and abilities that help them find valuable loot, but also few combat abilities to help them pack a punch in tight situations.


Soldier HID Commando GunTough SR

Soldiers provide the bulk of a team's firepower by buffing allies, debuffing enemies, and shredding Husks with combat-focused abilities to be better.


Constructor HID Constructor BASEBig SR

Constructors are building-focused classes, providing supercharged structures and traps to improve a team's defences and crowd control.


Ninja HID Ninja Swordmaster SR

Ninjas excels in melee combat and mobility, with Mantis Leap, Dragon Slash, and Smokescreen allowing them to dart in and out of harm's way.

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