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Holly Hedges is a Location added in Chapter 2: Season 1. In Chapter 2: Season 7 the location was taken over by Trespassers and renamed to Holly Hatchery, but returned to its former state and name in Chapter 2: Season 8.


It is a small suburban town that has hedges surrounding the outskirts. There are a bunch of houses surrounding the area, along with a Garden Center in the middle of the town. Plants can be found in all the houses. Holly Hedges is currently the most western named location on the Apollo island.



Soccer Field


Chapter 2: Season 1

  • Holly Hedges was added to the map in Chapter 2: Season 1.

Chapter 2: Season 2

Chapter 2: Season 3

  • In Chapter 2: Season 3, Holly Hedges survived the flood because it was on a hill and it didn’t need to be protected by No Sweat Insurance.

Chapter 2: Season 4

  • A Superstore next to Holly Hedges starts construction and finishes in the when Fortnitemares 2020 starts.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Chapter 2: Season 6

Chapter 2: Season 7

  • Holly Hedges was ransacked by Alien Parasites and replaced by Holly Hatchery.

Chapter 2: Season 8

  • The alien biomes are gone which resulted in Holly Hatchery getting renamed back to Holly Hedges.


Quest Rarity Description Reward
Find clues in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lake [3] Epic 20K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png
Loot Chests in Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges or Retail Row [7] Epic 20K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png
Collect Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges [4] Epic 20K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png
Collect Books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands [5] Epic 20K XP - Icon - Fortnite.png