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Husks are the primary form of Monsters in Fortnite: Save the World. There are up to 6 different variants of them and they are the Monsters directly affected by Element or Mutant Storms.

Normal Husks

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Normal Husks are the most basic type of husks. They only attack the objective or the Commander in groups. These basic Husks can be attached to Shielders. They can be found almost everywhere around the map in a mission, sometimes even sleeping in groups. When the player makes any form of noise i.e shooting a weapon or sprinting near the group, they get provoked and will give chase to the player.


Huskies are like regular husks, but have more health, deal more damage to both the Commander and buildings, and have different variants. Like normal husks, Husky Husks can be attached to Shielders. There are 3 variants, Husky Husks, Riot Shield Huskies, and Sploder Huskies.

  • Riot Shield Huskies wield a shield that blocks any incoming damage. When they attack, they knock players back. The only way to damage them is from behind or through the little opening in the shield.
  • Sploder Huskies carry a propane tank that deals massive damage to building structures and players (depending by how close they are to the blast radius). They can either throw the propane tank at a far distance, or get close the structure and explode it beneath their feet. You can defeat Sploder Huskies normally or by shooting the propane tank they are carrying, which eliminates them and damaging any husks close by.


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Lobber Husks lob explosive heads at the objective dealing moderate damage to structures. They usually stay far away from the objective. Like Husky Husks, Lobbers have 2 variants: normal Lobbers and Beehive Lobbers.

Beehive Lobbers

Beehive Lobbers are the same to regular lobbers, but instead of throwing skulls that damage buildings, they throw beehives that stick to structures and deal damage to players that go near them. These beehives can be destroyed by shooting them or by doing melee damage to them.

Beehive Husks

Beehive Husks wear a beehive that contains bees. When moving around, they leave behind a trail of bees that damage players that get close. After a few seconds however, the trail will disappear. Even when you eliminate beehive husks, the trail of bees will remain after those few seconds have passed.

Zapper Husks

Zapper Husks wear a cowboy outfit and have a corroded arm that has the same texture and look to a mist monster. They mainly target the player, zapping them every so often, dealing damage. They will almost hit accurately every time unless you hide behind a wall when they are prepared to zap, indicated by the menacing laughter they emit.


Pitchers are husks that wear a baseball outfit, they throw bones that can damage the player and structures. They have a slow windup however, so it is easy to get out of the way when they throw the bone. If the player is very close to them, they will proceed to do melee damage, attacking similar to a normal husk.


Nurses have a healing aura that heals any husk, mist monster, or shielder within its radius. Like Takers, they can dodge incoming bullets or melee attacks every once in a while. They can also heal themselves or each other, so groups of them are a threat.


Husklings are basically smaller versions of normal husks. They have low health and fast speed, they can also jump up or over 1 tile, which can be a problem when there are multiple involved, as they mostly are found in groups. They can be easily dealt with as they have extremely low health

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