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For a super-long time, The Zero Point's been controlled by this evil science-y outfit named The Imagined Order. They'd do evil science-y thins, like snatch people from different realities and make them fight each other.

The Imagined Order (Often referred to as just IO or The Order) is a faction in Fortnite: Battle Royale that was first introduced in Chapter 2: Season 2, but have been active for thousands of years. They are an inter-dimensional organization that maintain "order" within The Omniverse, via the use of The Zero Point. Their current major enemy is The Seven.

They are one of the main antagonists of Fortnite: Battle Royale, the other being The Last Reality.


Order Guard (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

The Imagined Order, often referred to as just IO, is an ancient organization that has been in charge of The Loop for thousands of years. They have been living in the shadows until Chapter 2: Season 2, where The Looper got rifted into The Bridge during The Device Event. They use the Zero Point to traverse and manipulate realities (often dramatically upsetting their evolution) as well as collecting any information of them and The Zero Point they can along the way. According to The Foundation, they threaten to upset the balance of The Omniverse, but for them this price is acceptable as long as it allows them to quench their thirst for knowledge and power.

The IO logo is based on a compass with the Zero Point in the middle.

Locations, Members and Technology

Major Bases

Name and Image Information
The Bridge
The Bridge - Impostors - Fortnite.png
The former main headquarters of IO at The Zero Point that can be accessed by Secret Hatches. Heavily damaged during The End.
The Collider
The Collider (Level 25) - Location - Fortnite.png
A giant Doomsday Device made by IO to destroy The Seven and everything else in The Loop. Destroyed by the Mecha Weapons Team and turned into The Glow.
Command Cavern
Command Cavern - Location - Fortnite.png
An IO Base built inside Pinnacle Peak, guarded by Gunnar and IO Guards. Taken over by The Resistance and turned into Rave Cave.
The Fortress
The Fortress - Location - Fortnite.png
One of the giant IO Drills, controlled by Doctor Slone. Destroyed by the Mecha Strike Commander and turned into Drill Hill.
Corny Complex
Corny Complex (Phase 3) - Location - Fortnite.png
Slone's former HQ and a farm used as a hideout from The Aliens. Parts destroyed in Operation: Sky Fire and abandoned as Corny Crops.
Colossal Coliseum
Colossal Coliseum - Location - Fortnite.png
A giant colosseum made for Menace, to replicate the ones from his Reality. It was destroyed by Reality Waves and was turned into Colossal Crops.
Hunter's Haven
Hunter's Haven - Location - Fortnite.png
An open field with one house for each Hunter that Jones first brought, filled with items related to them. It was possibly destroyed by Reality Waves and was turned into Primal Pond.
Stealthy Stronghold
Stealthy Stronghold - Location - Fortnite.png
A base with a rain forest inside, surrounded by walls that was used to contain Predator safely. It was then used as a site for the construction of Deep Woods Dish. It was destroyed by a Golden Abductor.
Spawn Island
Spawn Island (C2S7) - Location - Fortnite.png
A small island where Loopers are taken to before going into the island.
The Vault
Inside The Vault - The Unvaulting - Fortnite.png
A massive metal container used to contain The Zero Point, and store Weapons and Items that aren't currently in The Loop.
Pressure Plant
Pressure Plant (SX) - Location - Fortnite.png
A construction site inside the Volcano that was operated by The Government during the construction of Mecha.

Minor Locations

Name and Image Information
Occupied Locations
Coral Castle (Abducted 3) - Location - Fortnite.png
Tilted Towers (Update v20-30) - Location - Fortnite.png
Rocky Reels (C3S2) - Location - Fortnite.png
Locations that were taken over by IO for a short time. Retaken by The Resistance in Chapter 3: Season 2, abandoned in Chapter 2: Season 7.
Surface Hubs
Surface Hub IO-F4 (C2S7) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
IO Staging Facility (Inside) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
IO bases underground that lead up to The Bridge, which became submerged underwater after The End.
IO Airship - Rocky - Landmark - Fortnite.png
IO Airship - Tilted - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Giant Blimps that float over Named Locations IO took over during Chapter 3: Season 2. Downed by The Resistance.
Satellite Stations
Dockside Dish - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Defiant Dish - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Destroyed Dish (Dockside Dish) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Research bases with Satellite Dishes that were built to be workspaces for Field Agents. Destroyed by The Cube Queen's Army.
Mole Teams
Mole Team Omega (Update v19-10) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Mole Team Ryder (Update v19-10) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Camps set near holes caused by giant drillers the IO has been using to reach to Artemis. Replaced by IO Outposts.
Outpost Raven - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Outpost Epsilon (Update v20-20) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Dispatch Depot - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Small towers that were built over the holes the Mole Teams caused. Destroyed by The Resistance and repurposed
Base Rio - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Base Domino - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Base Roger - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Small bases that IO Guards were stationed in after the Satellite Stations were deactivated by The Looper. Destroyed or flipped and submerged underwater.
Road Check Points
Unnamed IO Road Patrol 4 - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Vehicle Check Points that are set near Bridges and Roads. Submerged underwater after The End.
  • 5 Unnamed
Unnamed IO Camp 2 - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Unnamed IO Camp 3 - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Camps that were set up during Chapter 2: Season 7 to investigate the Alien activities.
Wailing Woods Bunker (Season 8) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
??? - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Hatches that lead to The Bridge when opened from the inside. Destroyed by The Cube Queen's army.
Downed Vehicles Downed Black Helicopter - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Daily Rubble - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Rocky Wreckage - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Downed IO aircraft that have appeared throughout various seasons.
Guardian Towers
Guardian of the Mountains (C2S8) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Guardian of the Sea (C2S8) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Guardian of the Woods (C2S8) - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Towers that are connected to The Spire and guarded by Spire Guardians. Abandoned, flipped and submerged underwater.
Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer - Location - Fortnite.png
The Capital Ships of the Galactic Empire that hold many starfighters and troops inside.
Stormtrooper Checkpoints
Stormtrooper Checkpoint (Broadcast Bunker) - Location - Fortnite.png
Road checkpoints set up by Imperial Stormtroopers hired by IO.
Bomb Crater Clusters
Tilted Towers Battlefield - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Infiltrator Crater - Landmark - Fortnite.png
Crater fields caused by bombs dropped by either the IO or The Seven. Reclaimed by The Resistance, but the IO props remain.


Member Name and Icon Information
Geno - Character - Fortnite.png
The leader of IO who has The Zero Point's control.
Doctor Slone
Doctor Slone (Battlesuit) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A very high ranking member and the leader of IO army.

High-Ranking Enforcers

Member Name and Icon Information
Gunnar - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The Imagined Order's highest-ranking enforcer and guardian of Command Cavern.
Huntmaster Saber
Huntmaster Saber - NPC - Fortnite.png
A feared legend that emerged and aligned himself with the Imagined Order.
Spire Immortal
Spire Immortal - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Inner member of the Spire Cult and The Spire's final nightmare.
Spire Assassin
Spire Assassin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Inner members of the Spire Cult and protector of The Spire.
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Ruler of Latveria and a supervillain recruited by Geno to help IO against The Seven.

Mid-Ranking Operatives

Member Name and Icon Information
Scrapknight Jules
Scrapknight Jules - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Possible snapshot of the daughter of Midas and an extremely gifted engineer.
Chaos Agent
Chaos Agent - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Mad scientist, second member of The First Shadows and second leader of Shadow, he was recruited by the IO after SHADOW's disappearance.
Rook (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A former desk jockey and new field agent, the trainer of The Looper. She is also one of the weapon specialists of IO.
Shadow Ops
Shadow Ops (New v20.10) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
IO's Most enthusiastic field agent, and an expert in stealth and espionage.
Ronin - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A lone wanderer, seeking glory in the name of the Order of the Waning Moon.
Special Forces
Special Forces - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A soldier that was located near **REDACTED**. He also helps to the training and missions of The Looper.
Marigold - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Ally of Midas and neutral agent of the IO.
Kor - Outfit - Fortnite.png
An assassin working for IO exclusively as a contract mercenary.
Sledgehammer (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
An Advanced Forces member with an affinity for spiders.
Panther - Outfit - Fortnite.png
An IO agent sent to infiltrate The Seven and possibly linked to Lynx.
Pillar (Dark) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Envoy - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Zadie (Jungle) - Outfit - Fortnite.PNG
Bull Shark - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Hugo - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Doggo (Militia) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Newscaster - Character - Fortnite.png
Isabelle (Potions Major - Night Classes) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Other Mid-Ranking Soldiers and works of The Bridge with no major roles.

Soldier Ranks

Member Name and Icon Information
IO Hunter
IO Hunter - NPC - Fortnite.png
IO agents under the orders of Huntmaster Saber that lead the IO Guards and IO Patrol units against The Seven to protect the locations IO invaded.
IO Guards
I.O. Guard - AI - Fortnite.png
Elite Imagined Order soldiers, deployed in almost all combat or defensive situations. First appearing in Chapter 2: Season 5, they have been a constant threat on the Island ever since.
IO Patrols
IO Patrol - AI - Fortnite.png
Standard soldiers that drive around Artemis attacking any Loopers they come in contact with.
Sledge - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Guards of The Bridge that take places of IO Guards; who were on Field Missions during Chapter 2: Season 7.
Enforcer (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
IO special agents tasked to restore balance and order in Reality Zero.
Spire Guardians
Spire Guardian - AI - Fortnite.png
Outer members of the Spire Cult that protect the Guardian Towers.
Hybrid - Hero - Fortnite.png
Children of the Brood and soldiers of The Fire King.
B.R.U.T.E. Squad
B.R.U.T.E. Navigator - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Pilots that operate the BRUTEs and its weapons.
Government Workers
Toxic Trooper (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Workers of The Government that helped to build Mecha Team Leader at Pressure Plant.


Ally Name and Icon Information
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A former Jedi Knight and current Sith Lord; second-in-command of the Galactic Empire.
Imperial Stormtroopers
Imperial Stormtrooper - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Soldiers of the Galactic Empire recruited by IO to eliminate the rebel threat.
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor - Character - Fortnite.png
A villain and businessman working with Doctor Slone so he can get access to the Zero Point.
Deathstroke Zero - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A mercenary that used Batman and his team to get back to Metropolis.
The Batman Who Laughs
The Batman Who Laughs - Outfit - Fortnite.png
An evil version of Bruce Wayne from Earth -22 worked with Doctor Slone so he can get access to The Omniverse. Currently trapped in The Loop despite being able to keep his memory.
Prowler - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Villain of the Marvel Universe and uncle of Miles Morales, he was recruited by the IO as a soldier for the War against The Seven.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A scientist and the one of the smartest men in the universe who joined IO during Chapter 2: Season 7.
Hayseed (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A doomsday prepper and cousin of Farmer Steel, was requested specifically by Doctor Slone to be on her side.
Joey (Alien) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A double agent alien from The Last Reality interested in the Human Culture, that was bribed by Doctor Slone to assist them during Chapter 2: Season 7.

Defected Members

Member Name and Icon Information
John Jones
Jones Unchained - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A former member that betrayed the IO to stabilize The Zero Point, who now works with The Seven.
The Paradigm
The Paradigm (Alt) - TBD - Fortnite.png
A member of The Seven who betrayed them to join the IO. After being called by The Scientist and The Imagined, she has returned to The Seven to pilot Mecha Team Leader.
The Looper
Unknown - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A former undercover agent of IO, that was recruited by Doctor Slone as someone she could trust. After Slone's betrayal, they left the IO and after The End, they join The Seven.
Maven (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A former member who betrayed IO, she's the mole Slone has been looking for since the war against The Last Reality began. She got eliminated by The Looper.
Kiara K.O.
Kiara K.O. - Outfit - Fortnite.png
The leader of the Tango Squadron and a member of The Resistance.
Riot (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Revealed as a traitor by Rook, he was hunted down and eliminated by The Looper with help from Rook and Special Forces in week 7.
Trespasser - AI - Fortnite.png
A Trespasser sent by The Last Reality to infiltrate IO. He was unmasked by The Looper and had a very strange conversation with them.
Abstrakt (Abstrakt Assassin) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Impostors who disguised themselves as IO agents to sabotage The Bridge from within
  • Unknown Impostor disguised as Marius
  • Unknown Impostor disguised as Abstrakt
[redacted: D4] Team
8-Ball vs Scratch - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Fusion (Xev) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Journey vs Hazard - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A small team of GHOST sent to Apollo that later left IO after the demise of GHOST.
Mandalorian (Full Beskar) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Kondor (Unshackled) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Sarah Connor (Resistance Leader) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Snake Eyes - Outfit - Fortnite.png
End of Line Set (Icon) - Gif - Fortnite.gif
Ellen Ripley - Outfit - Fortnite.png
Strongest hunters across all Realities to cause chaos as IO tries to fix The Zero Point.


Device Name and Icon Information
The Collider
Doomsday Machine - Icon - Fortnite.png
A giant doomsday device made to destroy everything in The Loop, protected by Doctor Slone and Huntmaster Saber.
Mindwipe Device
IO Mindwipe - Object - Fortnite.png
A device that wipes out the memory of a person when looked at its light.
Field Team Access Card
IO Field Team Access Card - Object - Fortnite.png
An access card that is held by all IO members.
Alien Detector
Alien Detector - Gadget - Fortnite.png
A detector that is used to disable Alien items.
Countermeasure Device
Countermeasure Device - Object - Fortnite.png
Bombs planted under Corny Complex, used to bring down The Mothership.


Weapon Name and Icon Information
Pulse Rifle
Pulse Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A futuristic Assault Rifle that deals high damage, carried by IO Guards. These are made from Alien Nanites.
Rail Gun
Rail Gun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A futuristic Sniper Rifle that charges up and pierces walls, they are made from Alien Nanites.
Recon Scanner
Recon Scanner - Weapon - Fortnite.png
An item that is used to mark enemies behind walls.
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A weapon that shoots a plasma ball which destroys everything in its path. It's made from Alien Nanites.
Spire Assassin's Primal Shotgun
Primal Shotgun - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A stronger version of the Primal Shotgun used by Spire Assassin until it was replaced by Spire Assassin's Recycler.
Spire Assassin's Recycler
Recycler - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A stronger version of the Recycler used by Spire Assassin.
Spire Guardian's Primal Assault Rifle
Primal Rifle - Weapon - Fortnite.png
A stronger version of the Primal Rifle meant to be used by Spire Guardians, but instead used by Orelia.

In-Game Items

Name and Icon Information
Portal Device
Portal Device - Item - Fortnite.png
A device that can create Pure Portals to Reality Zero, lets the user get into The Loop without their memories getting erased. Also used by the Impostors as a weapon.
Jetpack Container - Container - Fortnite.png
Backpacks that let the user fly for a limited time until it runs out of charge.
Launch Pad
IO Launch Pad - Trap - Fortnite.png
An already placed Trap that launches the user into the sky.
IO Scanner Console
IO Scanner Console - Item - Fortnite.png
A console at the Drill Sites that scans the area and marks opponents and such.
Inflate-A-Bull - Item - Fortnite.png
An item that inflates and makes a ball around the user, designed as a disguise from the invaders.
IO Orchestrator
IO Orchestrator - Back Bling - Fortnite.png
A Jetpack used by Gunnar in Covert Cavern for his dash attack.
Command Cavern Keycard
Covert Cavern Keycard - Item - Fortnite.png
The Keycard to the vault in Command Cavern.
Bars (Large) - Currency - Fortnite.png
Island currency used to buy services from Characters and Vending Machines.
Construction Drone
Loot Carrier - Item - Fortnite.png
A flying drone that was used in the construction of the Mecha.
Spire Jump Boots
Spire Jumpboots - Item - Fortnite.png
Boots that lets the user jump higher, and glide in the 3rd jump.
Runestone - Item - Fortnite.png
Items dropped by Spire Guardians when eliminated, gives a low-gravity effect. Bringing it to The Spire and dropping it into a "?????????" will spawn the Spire Jump Boots.
???????? - Object - Fortnite.png
Dispensers that spawn the Spire Jump Boots when given a Runestone.


Vehicle Name and Icon Information
The Fortress
The Fortress - Prefab - Fortnite.png
A giant version of the normal IO Drillers. That allowed the IO to reach Artemis. Was destroyed by Mecha Strike Commander during Collision.
IO Blimp
IO Blimp - Prefab - Fortnite.png
Zeppelin airships made by IO's Department of Dirigibles.
Mecha Team Leader
Mecha Team Leader (New) - Outfit - Fortnite.png
A giant robot built in the Pressure Plant which was used to fight against The Devourer and kill it.
IO Driller - Object - Fortnite.png
Large Machines used by IO to dig up to Artemis after they were left in the Caverns during The End.
Titan Tank
Titan Tank (IO) - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
Main battle tank found in IO occupied locations. Also driven by IO Patrol.
B.R.U.T.E. - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
A Mech-like suit seen used by IO trying to stop the Mecha Strike Commander in the Collision event.
X-4 Stormwing
X-4 Stormwing - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
IO's attack airplanes manifactured by the Expedition.
Prevalent GG2020
Prevalent GG2020 (Imagined Order) - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
A modified car that goes as fast as a Whiplash, but goes faster off-road.
Titano OP Max
Titano Mudflap (IO) - Vehicle - Fortnite.png
A Titano Mudflap with unique IO Paint Job.
IO Helicopter
Crashed Helicopter - Prop - Fortnite.png
Black helicopters for covert operations.
Siege Cannon
Siege Cannon - Trap - Fortnite.png
Artillery Cannons used against the Resistance during Chapter 3: Season 2 that could be found on IO Airships and in various ground bases.

Known Divisions

Name Information
Doomsday Division Responsible for doomsday machines.
Loop Observation Observe Loopers in The Loop.
Extra-Loop Observation Observe Loopers in the extra-loop.
PsyOps Psychology Observation, They study the minds of Loopers.
Acquisitions Asset acquisitions.
Archives Responsible for records and replays.

Known Departments

Name Information
DOD Also known as Department of Dirigibles, They are responsible for the IO Airships.


Before Chapter 1

Agent Jones Box - The Bridge - Fortnite.png
  • The IO discover The Zero Point and enslave it in order to use it to access all Realities. They build The Bridge, The Vault and other bases around the Zero Point at the epicenter of the Island. They start various experiments with the Zero Point, one being to send Agent Jones into the Zero Point to see what happens. Agent Jones discovers The Loop and his first Snapshot: Jonesy The First, is created. After they learn how to use the Zero Point as a portal to other dimensions, they travel to different realities and bring order to everything, as they like to call it: changing and altering realities to their liking, kidnapping people and bringing them to The Island and into The Loop, and other despicable actions. Their actions caused The Seven to form in retaliation.
Supply Drop (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • They begin experimenting and controlling the Loop by kidnapping people from different Realities, and forcing them to stay in The Loop. They build the rooms in The Bridge to control The Storm, Loot and the Chests of the Athena island to distract the Loopers and keep them away from trying to escape the Loop. They recruit Loopers and Snapshots with good combat skills into their army as IO Guards and higher ranking soldiers.
Fallen Kingdom (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • They capture The Cube King, who left The Last Reality after finding out that the Cubes are evil. They abuse him for his knowledge, but he eventually gets rescued by The Seven and goes by the name of The Origin. At some point, they also capture The Paradigm but she manages to escape by herself. This makes The Origin believe she is a traitor and that she got inside help to escape.

Season 5

Signing Back In (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • As the Sideways Rift starts to close, The IO send a group of Enforcers, who aim to restore balance and order, arrive through Rifts. They return objects that previously vanished through interdimensional travel back to the island.

Season 7

Snowy Bunker (Hatch) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

Season 9

Neo Tilted - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown - Event - Fortnite.png
  • The Devourer rises from the Ocean and start heading towards The Vault. The Mecha Team Leader leaves Pressure Plant and attacks the Devourer, getting them in a fight. The Devoured rips of Mecha's arm and heavily damages it, but Mecha destroys The Vault and pulls The Zero Point out. It goes for Singularity's statue and pulls it out, revealing a giant sword. Devourer attacks back but the Mecha stick the sword in his head, killing The Devourer with No Sweat. It flies off into The Ice Moon, leaving the Island for a long while.

Season X

The End - Live Event - Fortnite.jpg

Chapter 2: Season 1

Dive! (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 2

  • At the start of the season, a group of Sledges are chasing Lynx near Crash Site when she is called by Midas. During The Device Event, the IO try to put everything back to normal as Midas pushes back The Storm and starts slowly destroying The Loop as we know it. Midas ends up teleporting The Looper into Agent Jones' Office in The Bridge where The Looper makes their first contact with the IO, but are sent back after Jones asks a question which, to this day, still remains unanswered.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Devourer of the World (The Bridge) - Event - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 5

Countdown To Zero (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • Agent Jones picks up his phone and is ordered by Doctor Slone to prevent The Loopers from escaping The Loop, then formulates the "Project Hunter" plan. Jones uses The Zero Point and his Portal Device to bring the best Hunters across all Realities in order to cause chaos and keep Loopers away from The Zero Point. He brings all the hunters, but ends up damaging The Zero Point more as he creates Portals that push The Zero Point's capabilities and energy up to its limits. Jones realizes that the IO is doing nothing about The Zero Point destabilizing, so he tries to fix it himself but, in order to do that, he needs access to 'Restricted File 8752', a file about The Seven. He tries to acess the file, but learns that his credentials have been revoked. He goes rogue and makes a plan, involving using his Portal Device to bring a member of The Seven onto Apollo, breaking his oath with the Order.

Zero Crisis Finale

  • Jones brings the The Foundation, The Seven's leader, for help to fix The Zero Point. The Foundation doesn't trust Jones at first, since the IO manipulated them back in Season X, leading to Athena's destruction. After The Foundation has a fight with Jones , Jones tells him that he can get him to Geno, an unknown person that controls The Zero Point, and The Sisters, two missing members of The Seven. They have a deal and succeed at fixing The Zero Point, with The Foundation sealing himself in The Zero Point and creating The Spire.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point

Batman vs Snake Eyes - Zero Point - Fortnite.png

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation

Villains vs Justice League - Foundation - Fortnite.png

Chapter 2: Season 7

  • The IO finally fully reveal themselves to the Loopers to protect Apollo against the Alien Invaders. They set up Satellite Stations and Camps all around the Island to investigate the alien activities and The Mothership's movement. Slone recruits The Looper as someone she can trust, and sends them to missions to find out more about the aliens. Slone finds out out there is a mole working for the Imagined Order that's giving secret information about the organization, the Island and The Zero Point to aliens, and looks for him. Slone then plants a couple bombs under Corny Complex and she, with the help of The Looper, lure the aliens to abduct Corny Complex, so they can get their bombs inside The Mothership and explode it.

Operation: Sky Fire

  • Slone contacts the strike team she made, and place them on the floating parts of Corny Complex that are being abducted to ride along the bombs. The Mothership finally abducts Corny Complex along with Slone's strike team. She guides them through the ship so they can reach the abduction chamber window. The window gets locked and a Cube rises from the water. Slone is shocked by the Cube's return and weaponizes the Looper's Alien Jetpacks to deactivate the Cube. She then leaves the Looper's inside The Mothership, as she is afraid of The Cube returning to the Island. As a last stand the Loopers reboot The Cube and turn it blue. The Cube activates an elevator and brings the team to the Cube Chamber inside The Mothership, where they see numerous Cubes and veins growing from them. They all slowly starting to turn purple, one by one, except of one, that instead of purple, glows gold. Slone then activates the bombs and destroys The Mothership without knowing what's inside of it and ends up bringing all the Cubes to the Island.

Chapter 2: Season 8

Mountain Base - Promo - Fortnite.jpg

The End

Cube's Cradle (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Chapter 3: Season 1

Before the Strike (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png

Chapter 3: Season 2

Turning Point (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • The Fortress rise from the Seven Outpost VI, and an army of IO soldiers including Doctor Slone and Gunnar reach the surface, oficially starting a war against The Seven. All the Mole Teams have moved to Covert Cavern, which is now upgraded and renamed as Command Cavern. The Mole Teams get replaced by Outposts and the The Fortress has moved towards Happy Camper. They send out an all-out attack on Artemis, deploying their Airships and Titan Tanks all over locations on the Island. They disguise jammers around the island to disable Building, aiming to keep The Seven and Loopers from building bases. The plan doesn't work for long, though, because their jammers have been deactivated by The Looper and Slone's plan has failed forcing her to move to Plan B. As The Seven gather more Loopers to join their side, they send attacks on the locations IO tookover and slowly start to regain the control of the Island, claiming the IO's locations and crashing their Airships along. They corner the IO at Loot Lake, Command Cavern and The Fortress as they work on a mysterious Doomsday Device. After the device is revealed as The Collider, The Origin and the Looper simulate the effects of the Device: destroying everything in The Loop.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War

Slone & Gunnar - Zero War - Fortnite.png


Blimp Attack - Collision - Fortnite.png

Chapter 3: Season 3



Speculation Trivia

  • The Imagined and The Order are believed to be former very high ranking members that were betrayed by IO and got their memories erasen, possibly even by Geno. This would explain them not having files for them in the IO database to keep this mystery secret from agents. This is further evident when their names are put together, spelling Imagined Order.
  • The have been numerous speculations of the formerly seen Factions could be the covers or divisions of the IO so they wouldn't have to be seen on the Island. These factions are GHOST and Expedition.
  • The IO Guards, Gunnar, IO Patrol and Doctor Slone specifically have a grenade emblem on their chest, which is one of the many symbols on the Imagined Order Logo. On this same logo appear 5 other emblems, suggesting up to 5 other ranks or units that are under the jurisdiction of the Imagined Order.
  • Agent Jones could have been a high-ranking member, due to him having his own office room (the only other person with one is Doctor Slone) and sleeping quarters.