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For The Pedestal which the Infinity Blade sits in, see Sword In The Stone.

The Infinity Blade is a Mythic Melee Weapon in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was introduced in Season 7.


The Infinity Blade cannot be held alongside any other item, including Materials and Traps. As such, when acquiring the Infinity Blade, all of these items are dropped onto the floor. Picking up one of these dropped items swaps out the blade for it (including Bars, but these are not dropped upon picking up the blade). The Blade will be dropped upon being knocked. When the Blade is dropped, it emits a large blue beam into the sky, showing where it is located.

The Infinity Blade gives the wielder special bonuses to their movement and health:

  • The Player has a health pool of 200 Health and 200 Shields (400 HP)
  • 1 Effective HP is gained per second.
  • 50 Effective HP is gained upon eliminating an opponent.
  • The Player moves 30% faster (1.3x Speed)

The Player uses the weapon by pressing the attack button, in which the blade is swung in a large radius in front of the player. Repeatedly pressing this allows for multiple quick attacks. This attack quickly destroys structures.

Pressing the aim button will launch the player into the forwards, destroying all structures in its path. This launch can be aimed upwards for great vertical and horizontal distance. It will deal damage upon landing.


The Infinity Blade deals 75 damage per hit (112.5 damage per second). It also heals 1 Effective HP per second.

The Infinity Blade also deals 25 damage upon landing with its alternate fire.

Infinity Blade Swing
Infinity Blade - Battle Royale - Fortnite.png
DPS: 112.5
Damage: 75
Jump Damage: 25
Fire Rate: 1.5
Structure Damage: 600
Healing: 1 Effective HP per second
50 Effective HP on Elimination.

The Infinity Blade is a melee weapon, so in order to damage opponents, they must be within a certain radius of the user, when they attack.


From when the weapon was last available in Season 7

Rarity Chest Floor




Pedestal in Polar Peak


Sound Type Rarity Sound
Pickup Mythic

Strategy Guide

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  • The Infinity Blade can be used to passively heal HP, so if you or a squad member are low on Health or Shield, they can wield the weapon for healing purposes. However, this may be impractical, as it will drop all of their items.
  • You are vulnerable to ranged attacks whilst the Infinity Blade is being held, as you cannot build for cover, nor can you attack back at long ranges. The best course of action is either to hide and passively heal, or to attack the opponent, as with consecutive hits, they will be knocked in 4.5 seconds maximum, and will likely struggle to attack you at very close range.


Season 7

  • Update v7.01: Added the Mythic Infinity Blade at Polar Peak. It can be obtained by removing it from its resting place atop the mountain.
  • Update v7.40: The Infinity Blade can no longer harvest materials, nor can the player build with it. The Infinity Blade is still Vaulted. These changes come alongside the introduction of the Sword Fight LTM.

Season 8

Season X

  • Update v10.10: Reduced the Structure Damage of the Infinity Blade from 10,050 (Swing) and 20,100 (Launch) to 600. The Infinity Blade is still Vaulted.


  • The Infinity Blade was updated to take up 5 inventory slots (Like how the Bandage Bazooka takes up 2), instead of just dropping the player's items.


  • At 3 days, the Infinity Blade is one of the shortest lived weapons in Core Battle Royale playlists. It was notorious for being available in a competitive Tournament.
    • It was planned to be nerfed and unvaulted in Update v7.10 but was scrapped, likely because of community backlash.
  • The Infinity Blade originally comes from the mobile game series “Infinity Blade”, which is also developed by Epic Games.
  • The Infinity Blade is the focus of the Sword Fight LTM, in which players can obtain the Sword from Chests. Multiple Infinity Blades spawn per match in this mode.
  • The Infinity Blade was the first Mythic item available in Core Battle Royale modes (The Infinity Gauntlet had its own playlist).
  • The Infinity Blade can be seen in the Science Lab in The Bridge.
  • The Infinity Blade always sets the max HP to 200 - even if the max HP is higher than 200 in Creative.