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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

The Inflate-a-Bull is a Miscellaneous Item in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It was added in Chapter 2: Season 7.


The Inflate-a-Bull is used to negate fall damage, and quickly traverse the map, by using gravity and momentum to your advantage. Deploying an Inflate-a-Bull forces the player into a inflatable bull, just larger than the player. This must be done in the air. This bull will react to gravity and any momentum given to it, using these to bounce rapidly across the map. The greater the momentum, the further you are launched. Players can move the bull by themselves, as well as jump, and steer it in the air.

The Inflate-a-Bull has similar mechanics to a Jetpack in that it uses a gauge which is depleted as the item is used. The gauge is depleted by moving along the ground, or by bumping into objects / Hitting the ground. The item goes on a cooldown of 8 seconds after use. The Inflate-a-Bull is destroyed by opponent attacks. This causes it to go on a 16 second cooldown. Also like a Jetpack, the player may only hold one at a time, and the item is swapped out when attempting to pick up a second one. Players exit the Bull by holding interact, and can 'Moo' by pressing the attack button.


As of when it was last obtainable in Chapter 2: Season 7

Rarity Chest Rare


IO Chest Cosmic











The Inflate-a-Bull can also be purchased from Rick Sanchez, at Defiant Dish, for 25 Bars.

Strategy Guide

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  • The Inflate-a-Bull is incredibly useful for escaping opponents, or travelling long distances near steep hills. Locations such as Catty Corner, moving up to the center of the map are ideal for using the Inflate-a-Bull.
  • The Inflate-a-Bull gets stuck in water, and will not be able to move very far, as such it is advised to redeploy the Inflate-a-Bull elsewhere.
  • Opponents can burst the Inflate-a-Bull at any time, including when a player is high in the air. As such, it will not negate fall damage and can easily eliminate a player.
  • If you find another Inflate-a-Bull, and you have used any of the resource gauge of your current one, swap it out with the new one for maximum usage.
  • When you see the red beam from a Rail Gun, deploy the Inflate-a-Bull and you won't be damaged by the shot, but the Inflate-a-Bull will be destroyed.
  • When an Alien Parasite is attached to you, deploy an Inflate-a-Bull and it will detach.
  • Deploy the Inflate-a-Bull before landing on a Launch Pad and you will launch extremely high above the ground. This is useful for traversing around the map.


Chapter 2: Season 7

Chapter 2: Season 8

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • Update v19.10: Fixed the glitch that caused the item to not bounce in creative.



  • The name 'Inflate-a-Bull' is a play on words with the word 'Inflatable' and the fact the item resembles a Bull.
  • It can be used to complete ‘Distance traveled in a vehicle’ Rare Quest.
  • The item is similar to Groot's Bramble Shield, as both items create allow the player to take advantage of the terrain and use momentum for safe long distance travels across the map. However, the former healed the player and offered 200HP of protection, unlike the Inflate-a-Bull.
  • The Inflate-a-Bull is the first non-jetpack item to use a fuel gauge.
  • The Inflate-a-Bull applies a unique Back Bling to the player when equipped. This will replace the player's Back Bling whilst the item is in their inventory.
  • The Inflate-a-Bull was disabled within a day of its launch, for two reasons:
    • The item could produce a bugged vehicle, which when driven forces the player into the Bull, but they cannot exit, nor can they jump.
    • The item would sometimes cause players who used it to be invisible, aside from their held weapon / item.
  • When the Inflate-a-Bull's cooldown is present, the timer in the center of the item will physically move, and produce a 'Ding!' sound when the cooldown is gone.
  • The Inflate-a-Bull blocks the effects of the Recon Scanner, Alien Parasites, Chug Cannon and Fire.