Junk Junction

Junk Junction is a location in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It is a small junkyard with a near endless amount of metal located in the far Northwest corner of the Battle Royale Map. Due to its remote location, it is often low populated, and a good place for a new player trying to get their bearings. Just north of the location is a large metal llama, and to the east is a movie studio and a racetrack.


  • Popularity: Very Low (0-3 players)
  • Chests: 10
  • Materials: Metal, wood (from palettes)
  • Storm Circle Chance: Very Unlikely
  • Overall Rating: 2/10


Depending on the storm circle, you can rotate to the movie studio, the metal llama, or the quadcrasher racetrack. The latter is a better option, due to Junk Junction's low storm circle chance, you will need a way rotate to the storm circle. After picking up a quadcrasher, you can head to Haunted Hills or even Pleasant Park.


  • Avoid Junk Junction if you are an aggressive player.
  • If Junk Junction is the beginning of the bus route, then there will likely be more players here.
  • Chests can be found in the main factory,
  • This location is great for passive players.
  • The fastest way to farm materials is by destroying the wooden pallets scattered around. Avoid the metal junk, since it takes a while to farm, and you use wood most often in fights.


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