Junkyard or "Mini-Junk", due to its similarity to Junk Junction only on a smaller scale, is located south of Paradise Palms on the right-hand side of the road leading to lucky landing.

There can be up to 5 chests in the Junkyard itself as well as a further six in close proximity; 2 on the hill north, 2 at the rock formation east of the aforementioned hill and 2 at the rock formation south of Junkyard. This is very good for its size and there are also many floor loot spawns. This makes it possible to leave Junkyard with a very good loadout.

Many rocks, trees and cacti are in the area and make it easy to source materials. There are often rifts on the hill north of Junkyard and can be up to four. There are also three ziplines starting from this hill going to the cottage north-west, the chest spawn east and the rock formation south which also links to other ziplines which can lead all the way to the plane spawns near Fatal Fields. There are also up to 4 quadcrashers that can spawn east of the hill.

The safe zone is often not on Junkyard and can be as far away as dusty divot. If this is the case you can amass roughly 1,200 materials before having to leave Junkyard to get to the safe zone using the ziplines of rifts. If the safe zone is on Junkyard or nearby then up to 2,000 materials can be harvested by the time the first safe zone finishes closing in.

This spot is often uncontested in normal games but in scrim games it can be directly contested as well as from other locations. If Junkyard is contested it can be hard to loot or farm materials before leaving for the circle so it is recommended not to go there for those games as it could end in an unwanted fight.