Keep It Mello is an Icon Series emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale that could have been unlocked doing the Showtime Challenges. A part of the Marshmello's set.


  • It is one of few interactive emotes. These emotes can change to feel different with every use. These include the following: Rock Paper Scissors, Burpee, Hula Hoopin’, and others.
  • It has 2 forms: a simple dance and a miniature jumping dance.
  • Keep it Mello is a Marshmello exclusive emote along with Marsh Walk.
  • Among the other Icon Series cosmetics, Keep It Mello is one of the rarest from the v11.40 update.
  • this emote was originally Rare before it was Icon Series


Keep It Mello - Fortnite Emote

Keep It Mello - Fortnite Emote

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