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This Item/Mechanic is not present in competitive playlists.
It can still be found in core playlists and other game modes when available.
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This Page/Section is about an item / mechanic that has been put in The Vault.

This item has been made unavailabe in standard playlists to balance the loot pool. It may return in the future.

Klombos are a type of Wildlife in Fortnite: Battle Royale. They were introduced in Chapter 3: Season 1.


Klombos will slowly move across the map. Players can stand on top of one and it moves along with it. Klombos can be fed with Klomberries, which will sometimes make it shoot an item out of its blowhole on the back of its head. This item will bounce a few times before stopping. Standing on the blowhole will launch the player very high into the air, and initiate Glider Redeploy. Klombos will eat up to two Klomberries at a time. Klombos will consume all loot they stumble upon and destroy all structures they go through. When a player is near a calm Klombo, soothing music plays.

Klombos can not be eliminated, but Klombos can take damage and all damage sources only deal 1 damage per attack. After taking 10 damage, it will become hostile for 30 seconds.


Attacking a Klombo will cause it to become aggressive and the music becomes more similar to a boss battle (like Gunnar or The Foundation). Klombos will rear onto their hind legs, before shooting a ball of damaging acid at the player, or charging and stomping on them if they are close enough.

Klombos deal 15 damage on an Acid Ball attack, and 20 on a Stomp Attack.


Klombos have several set spawn locations around the map.


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  • When feeding a Klombo an Exotic Item, the Klombo will give a Legendary Item in return.
  • Don't drop Mythics next to it as it can eat them.
  • Klombos only take 1 damage from any damage source, so it is not advised to ever attack them.
  • When feeding a Klombo a Victory Crown, the Klombo will not give anything (including the Victory Crown.) back.


Chapter 3: Season 1

Chapter 3: Season 2


  • Its codename is "Butter Cake".
  • Its name originates from r/FortniteBR where the user u/Graphenegem dubbed the name on December 6, 2021.
  • It is the second Wildlife with boss music, the first being Loot Shark.
  • Klombos will change color when fed. They will also become dark red and glowing when aggressive.
  • It is impossible to eliminate a Klombo in normal games. This is due to Klombo being able to regenerate 1000 health per second while only taking 1 damage per shot.
    • A Klombo was eliminated by a modded Save the World shotgun by a user in the community that shoots grenades which deals about 9,000 damage. When it "died" it vanished due to it having no death animation in the files.
  • It is the second wildlife that can eat/absorb items other than meat, fish, and vegetables, the first being the Loot Shark.
  • The promo image for Klombos seems to be referencing the film Kong: Skull Island (2017).
  • There are 5 different color variants of Klombos.