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Explore vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO® building and Fortnite collide. Find the ultimate survival crafting LEGO adventure in Fortnite!
— In-Game Description

LEGO Fortnite is a survival crafting game within Fortnite that released on December 7th 2023.


LEGO® Fortnite is a survival sandbox in which your objective is to explore a vast procedurally generated landscape, collect resources, craft items, battle enemies and recruit villagers to ultimately make your own village filled with Fortnite characters. Players have the option of doing this by themselves or with up to seven friends.

Creating a World
World Creation - User Interface - LEGO Fortnite

Prior to playing, players must first create a new world or join a world which another player has made them a key holder of. Players may create up to eight worlds and have the ability to change various settings to customize their world to their liking. These settings can not be changed after a world has been created, although this ability will be available in a future update.

Most importantly, players must choose which mode their world should be:

  • Cozy: Relax and enjoy your adventure with easier combat.
  • Survival: Build, gather, craft and face off against mighty foes while exploring the world!
  • Sandbox: Spawn the items you need and build without resource requirements!
  • Expert: Survival difficulty increases, players won't respawn after elimination, and Storm-Wild creatures roam the land. Following villagers will respawn at their village when eliminated. Party up to increase your chance of survival!

There are a number of advanced settings also available.

  • Cover Image
    • The selected cover image is used to represent a player's world. If a player shares the world with other players, the image will be what they see.
    • Options: [Show/Hide]
  • Override World Seed
    • A seed is a unique identifier assigned to a world that allows a world to be generated using specific criteria. A world that is identical to another world's starting point can be generated by inputting its seed number here.
    • Can only contain numbers between 1 - 2147483647.
  • Enemies (On or Off)
    • This determines whether hostile creatures will appear in the world.
    • Turning this off may block some elements of progression within the game.
    • Default settings:
      • On - Cozy, Survival, Expert
      • Off - Sandbox
  • Enemy Difficulty (Easy, Normal or Hard)
    • Easy: Combat will be less challenging.
    • Normal: A balanced experience of risk and reward.
    • Hard: Combat will be more challenging.
    • Default settings:
      • Easy - Cozy
      • Normal - Survival, Sandbox
      • Hard - Expert
  • Storm-Wild Enemies (On or Off)
    • This determines whether extra hard Storm-Wild creatures will roam in the world, or only regular creatures will appear.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Survival, Sandbox
      • On - Expert
  • Hunger (On or Off)
    • This determines whether the player character will get hungry.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert
  • Temperature (On or Off)
    • This determines whether the player character will feel the effects of temperature.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert
  • Stamina (On or Off)
    • This determines whether the player character will use stamina when sprinting / swimming / pushing objects etc.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert
  • Player Elimination (Respawn, Off or Permanent)
    • This determines whether the player character can be eliminated.
    • Default settings:
      • Respawn - Cozy, Survival, Sandbox
      • Permanent - Expert
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination (On or Off)
    • This determines whether the player drops or keeps their inventory on elimination.
    • If set to On, the player's inventory will be stored in a backpack for retrieval.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert
  • Friendly Creatures (On or Off)
    • This determines whether friendly creatures will appear in the world.
    • Turning this off may block some elements of progression within the game.
    • By default, this is always On.
  • Villagers (On or Off)
    • This determines whether villagers will appear in the game.
    • If set to Off, new villagers will not appear and previously spawned villagers will remain until dismissed by the player.
    • By default, this is always On.
  • Power System (On or Off)
    • This determines whether powered toys must require a power source in order to operate.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert
  • Village Animals Removed on Elimination (On or Off)
    • This determines whether village animals will be respawned upon elimination.
    • Default settings:
      • Off - Cozy, Sandbox
      • On - Survival, Expert

Changing one of these settings to something other than the default for the chosen mode will mark a player's world as "Custom".

Playing with Friends

LEGO Fortnite supports parties of up to eight players, meaning seven other people can jump into your world while you’re in it.

Up to seven other players can be invited to be a key holder of your world, which means they can access and edit the world anytime. This includes when they’re joining you online or when you’re away offline. Players can be invited via the Players tab of the Map menu. All party members without a key will be removed from your world when you leave your party or world.

Inside the World


Rift Encounters
Main Article: LEGO Fortnite:Rift Encounters

Similar to Battle Royale, random events called Rift Encounters can occur while playing on a world, especially while a player's village level is increasing.

Star Destroyer Crash - Promo - LEGO Fortnite

One such encounter, added in Update v29.40 as part of the 2024 Star Wars Event, features a Galactic Empire Star Destroyer crashing into the land through a rift. This encounter marks the beginning of the player's Rebel Adventure, in which they must help the rebels survive by upgrading their Rebel Village and take back the world from the Empire.

LEGO® Passes[]

Main Article: LEGO® Pass

Similar to the Battle Pass, LEGO® Passes are seasonal cosmetic item bundles for LEGO® Fortnite, which grant the player rewards in exchange for Studs.
Currently there has only been one pass, which is still ongoing and due to end on July 23rd, 2024:

Rebel Adventure[]

Rebel Adventure launched on May 3rd 2024.

Free Reward Track
The Free Reward Track is available to all players.

Tatooine Spice of Life - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Circuit Bedroom - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Turret and Tanks - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Spa - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Glassware - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Serving Station - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Hazardous Removal - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Lanterns - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Essentials - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Blue Milk Bar - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Marketplace - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Premium Reward Track
Chewbacca - Outfit - Fortnite

The Premium Reward Track can be purchased for V-Bucks - Icon - Fortnite 1,400 V-Bucks, and will grant the Chewbacca Outfit upon purchasing.

Mos Eisley Homestead - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Hope - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Garage - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Kitchenette - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Emporium - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Dining - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Tower - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Tatooine Vaporators - Decor Bundle - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Large Garage - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Mos Eisley Cantina - Build - LEGO Fortnite
Dusty Durrr Burger - Build - LEGO Fortnite

LEGO® Style[]

While playing LEGO® Fortnite, your outfit is transformed into a LEGO® minifigure. If your outfit has a LEGO® style, the minifigure will resemble your outfit's appearance, otherwise it will resemble the appearance of a random default outfit's LEGO® style. Additionally, a limited selection of Emotes can be used with the LEGO® styles, but Sprays and Emoticons cannot be used.

As of Update v30.20, over 1,600 Outfits have LEGO® styles - of which over 1,300 are fully detailed.

At release (Update v28.01), over 1,200 Outfits had LEGO® Styles, although only a select few (approximately 317) were fully detailed. The rest were unfinished, with their appearances being made up of common LEGO® minifigure pieces (hair, torso, feet etc.) that were recoloured to create a close approximation of the outfit's appearance.[1][2]

Since release, there has been an ongoing effort alongside feature updates to replace all lower-detailed styles with higher-detailed ones. Outfits that will receive higher-detailed styles in the near future are marked with a WIP LEGO Style - Asset - Fortnite icon in the locker. Additionally, new outfits and more existing ones are also receiving LEGO® styles.
With Update v28.30 the option to choose between the original "Base" style and the higher-detailed "Signature" style was added, allowing players who prefer the lower-detailed style to wear it.[3]


Update v30.10 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v29.40 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v29.30 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v29.10 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite
Update v30.10
Cozy and Expert
Update v29.40
Rebel Adventure
Update v29.30
Farm Friends
Update v29.10
Mechanical Mayhem
Update v29.00 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v28.30 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v28.20 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite Update v28.10 - Thumbnail - LEGO Fortnite
Update v29.00
Update v28.30
Gone Fishin'
Update v28.20
Hunting Dagger
Update v28.10
Launch Pads

Update v30.10 - Cozy and Expert Modes


Update v29.40 - Star Wars


Update v29.30 - Farm Friends


Update v29.10 - Mechanical Mayhem


Update v29.00 - LEGO Kits


Update v28.30 - Gone Fishin'


Update v28.20 - Hunting Dagger


Update v28.10 - Launch Pads



  • The playable space is equal to 95 square kilometers, which is 19x the size of the Helios Battle Royale island.[4]
    • The game, powered by Unreal Engine 5, utilizes World Partition to stream this space and the Procedural Content Generation (PCG) framework to dynamically create the detailed environments.
  • LEGO Fortnite was teased through The Big Bang event, where one of the galaxies transported the player into a LEGO universe.
  • LEGO Fortnite is part of a long-term partnership between Epic Games and The LEGO Group, which was first announced on April 7th 2022.
    • The partnership's aim is to "develop fun and safe digital spaces for children and families".[5]
    • LEGO Fortnite is "designed for people of all ages to enjoy together" and will "encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play".[6]
  • The codename for this game mode is "Juno".
    • The dungeon mechanics of LEGO Fortnite were most likely taken from the scrapped mode codenamed "Saturn", which was leaked in July 2021.


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