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Lazy Lake was a location on the south portion of the map. It is a lake with a city on its shores.


Lazy Lake is on the southeast corner of the map. It borders Sludgy Swamp to the west, Misty Meadows to the south, Catty Corner to the east, and Retail Row is across the river. It contains the landmark Lazy Lake Island, situated in the eastern portion of the lake itself.

The town itself has a handful of buildings. It contains a gate entrance to the town which shows that it is a private residential area. Beyond the gate, ahead to the left is an office building called A Lot O' Auto. It's a typical car shop with cars on display and multiplies office rooms. To the left is a large residential home. Inside there is a kitchen, one bathroom, a garage, one bedroom, an outside area with a pool, a study, and a balcony on the roof. To the north of that is Lazy Lake Spa which is a spa/hotel. It contains a small parking lot (also underground parking), a small lobby, a bar, a gym, an elevator, 3 rooms (includes a standard, room with balcony, and a two-floor room), and a pool with another bar. South of that is a coffee shop. It contains a small parking lot, an outside area that looks over Lazy Lake and also the Yellow Steel Bridge. Inside there are a few tables and a counter for making coffee. To the north of A Lot O' Auto is The Gilded Lady a clothing store that contains two floors. It also has two changing rooms.



Chapter 2: Season 1

Lazy Lake was added to the map in Chapter 2: Season 1.

Chapter 2: Season 2

No Sweat Insurance Building in Lazy Lake

In the 12.40 update of Chapter 2: Season 2, The Gilded Lady building got replaced with a No Sweat Insurance building, very similar to the ones from Tilted Towers and Neo Tilted.

Chapter 2: Season 3

In Chapter 2: Season 3, a gas station was added to Lazy Lake in the Western part of the town. Many boats have also appeared all over Lazy Lake and inside the A Lot O’ Auto building.

The new gas station as of 13.30 update

In Week 6 of the 13.30 update, the gas station has been upgraded and looks similar to the one from Catty Corner, most likely to accommodate for the cars.

Chapter 2: Season 4

Halloween decorations were added in Lazy Lake, and were later removed.

Chapter 2: Season 5

Sparkplug can be found here, as well as Rapscallion who has some of her golden treasures hidden underneath the blue house.

Chapter 2: Season 6

Cabbie spawns here, as well as a rift butterfly in the blue house needed for an Agent Jones Quest.

Chapter 2: Season 7

Cabbie no longer spawns here, instead Marigold now spawns here. Lazy Lake is now a possible Invaded Location, where Trespassers pilot Saucers.

Chapter 2: Season 8

Shadow Ops now spawns here.

Apollo island has been flipped during The End (Chapter 2), removing Lazy Lake in the process.


  • At the lake, there are 2 chests, one in the house and one at the tree.
  • There are 2 chests in the basement of the blue and yellow house, they are hidden inside the walls.